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Portrait of Laura Johnson

Laura Johnson

Born: Thu, Aug 01 1957
years old
Poster of Fame
Laura Johnson was:
Wed, Sep 23 2009
Poster of Four Christmases
Four Christmases
Laura Johnson was:
Played: Cheryl
Wed, Nov 26 2008
Poster of Red Eye
Red Eye
Laura Johnson was:
Played: Blonde Woman
Fri, Aug 19 2005
Poster of The Hollywood Mom's Mystery
The Hollywood Mom's Mystery
Laura Johnson was:
Played: Francine Palumbo
Sun, Aug 08 2004
Poster of And the Beat Goes On: The Sonny and Cher Story
And the Beat Goes On: The Sonny and Cher Story
Laura Johnson was:
Played: Georgia LaPierre
Sun, Feb 21 1999
Poster of Judge and Jury
Judge and Jury
Laura Johnson was:
Played: Grace Silvano
Tue, Mar 11 1997
Poster of Mr. Atlas
Mr. Atlas
Laura Johnson was:
Played: Teddie Nielsen
Wed, Jan 01 1997
Poster of Awake to Danger
Awake to Danger
Laura Johnson was:
Played: Renee McAdams
Sun, Mar 12 1995
Poster of Deadly Exposure
Deadly Exposure
Laura Johnson was:
Played: Rita Sullivan
Wed, Oct 06 1993
Poster of Cheatin' Hearts
Cheatin' Hearts
Laura Johnson was:
Played: Patsy
Fri, Jul 09 1993
Poster of Red Shoe Diaries 2: Double Dare
Red Shoe Diaries 2: Double Dare
Laura Johnson was:
Played: Diane
Tue, Mar 23 1993
Poster of Trauma
Laura Johnson was:
Played: Grace Harrington
Fri, Mar 12 1993
Poster of Marked for Murder
Marked for Murder
Laura Johnson was:
Played: Dr. Jean Horton
Sun, Jan 17 1993
Poster of Der blaue Diamant
Der blaue Diamant
Laura Johnson was:
Played: Wendy Hill
Fri, Jan 01 1993
Poster of Fatal Instinct
Fatal Instinct
Laura Johnson was:
Played: Catherine Merrims
Wed, Sep 09 1992
Poster of Murderous Vision
Murderous Vision
Laura Johnson was:
Played: Elizabeth
Thu, Feb 21 1991
Poster of Nick Knight
Nick Knight
Laura Johnson was:
Played: Dr. Alyce Hunter
Sun, Aug 20 1989
Poster of Red River
Red River
Laura Johnson was:
Played: Kate
Sun, Apr 10 1988
Poster of Chiller
Laura Johnson was:
Played: Leigh Kenyon
Wed, May 22 1985
Poster of Fly Away Home
Fly Away Home
Laura Johnson was:
Played: Chickie
Fri, Sep 18 1981
Poster of Opening Night
Opening Night
Laura Johnson was:
Played: Nancy Stein
Thu, Dec 22 1977
Poster of Beyond Reason
Beyond Reason
Laura Johnson was:
Played: Leslie Valentine
Sat, Jan 01 1977
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