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Portrait of Larry Pennell

Larry Pennell

Born: Tue, Feb 21 1928 - Wed, Aug 28 2013
years old
Poster of The Passing
The Passing
Larry Pennell was:
Played: Charles - Butler
Fri, May 20 2011
Poster of Bubba Ho-tep
Bubba Ho-tep
Larry Pennell was:
Played: Kemosabe
Sun, Jun 09 2002
Poster of The Fear: Resurrection
The Fear: Resurrection
Larry Pennell was:
Played: Grandfather
Tue, Oct 05 1999
Poster of Prehysteria! 2
Prehysteria! 2
Larry Pennell was:
Played: Trainyard Laborer
Wed, Nov 09 1994
Poster of Mr. Baseball
Mr. Baseball
Larry Pennell was:
Played: Howie Gold
Thu, Oct 01 1992
Poster of The Borrower
The Borrower
Larry Pennell was:
Played: Captain Scarcelli
Fri, Aug 16 1991
Poster of Another Chance
Another Chance
Larry Pennell was:
Played: Clark Gable
Thu, Nov 23 1989
Poster of Ghost Chase
Ghost Chase
Larry Pennell was:
Played: Bum
Thu, Jun 25 1987
Poster of Metalstorm: The Destruction of Jared-Syn
Metalstorm: The Destruction of Jared-Syn
Larry Pennell was:
Played: Aix
Fri, Aug 19 1983
Poster of The Night the Bridge Fell Down
The Night the Bridge Fell Down
Larry Pennell was:
Played: Chief Barrett
Mon, Feb 28 1983
Poster of Superstition
Larry Pennell was:
Played: George Leahy
Thu, Aug 26 1982
Poster of Personal Best
Personal Best
Larry Pennell was:
Played: Rick Cahill
Fri, Feb 05 1982
Poster of Marilyn: The Untold Story
Marilyn: The Untold Story
Larry Pennell was:
Played: Clark Gable
Mon, Nov 10 1980
Poster of Matilda
Larry Pennell was:
Played: Lee Dockerty
Thu, Jun 22 1978
Poster of Midway
Larry Pennell was:
Played: Captain Cyril Simard
Fri, Jun 18 1976
Poster of Helter Skelter
Helter Skelter
Larry Pennell was:
Played: Sgt. White
Thu, Apr 01 1976
Poster of The Revengers
The Revengers
Larry Pennell was:
Played: Arny
Wed, Jun 21 1972
Poster of Journey Through Rosebud
Journey Through Rosebud
Larry Pennell was:
Played: Sheriff
Thu, Mar 02 1972
Poster of Lassie: Joyous Sound
Lassie: Joyous Sound
Larry Pennell was:
Played: Keith Holden
Sat, Jan 01 1972
Poster of City Beneath the Sea
City Beneath the Sea
Larry Pennell was:
Played: Bill Holmes
Fri, Jul 16 1971
Poster of The Great White Hope
The Great White Hope
Larry Pennell was:
Played: Brady
Sun, Oct 11 1970
Poster of Brother, Cry For Me
Brother, Cry For Me
Larry Pennell was:
Played: Jim Noble
Thu, Jan 01 1970
Poster of Flaming Frontier
Flaming Frontier
Larry Pennell was:
Played: Gen. Jack O'Neal
Tue, Dec 14 1965
Poster of Our Man in Jamaica
Our Man in Jamaica
Larry Pennell was:
Played: Ken Stewart
Sat, Sep 04 1965
Poster of The FBI Story
The FBI Story
Larry Pennell was:
Played: George Crandall
Thu, Oct 01 1959
Poster of The Space Children
The Space Children
Larry Pennell was:
Played: Maj. Thomas
Sun, Jun 01 1958
Poster of The Devil's Hairpin
The Devil's Hairpin
Larry Pennell was:
Played: Johnny Jargin
Fri, Oct 04 1957
Poster of Hell's Horizon
Hell's Horizon
Larry Pennell was:
Played: Buddy Lewis
Sat, Dec 31 1955
Poster of The Far Horizons
The Far Horizons
Larry Pennell was:
Played: Wild Eagle
Mon, Jul 04 1955
Poster of Seven Angry Men
Seven Angry Men
Larry Pennell was:
Played: Oliver Brown
Sun, Mar 27 1955
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