Portrait of Kwak Ji-min

Kwak Ji-min

Bio: Kwak Ji-min (born Kwak Sun-hee on February 13, 1985) is a South Korean actress. She is best known overseas for her leading role in the Kim Ki-duk film Samaritan Girl, for which she won Best New Actress at the 2004 Busan Film Critics Awards
Born: Wed, Feb 13 1985
Birthplace: South Korea
Kwak Ji-min is 39 years old
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Movies (Acting Roles)

Poster of Whatcha Wearin'?
Whatcha Wearin'?
Kwak Ji-min was
27 in Whatcha Wearin'?
as 'Ah-ra'.
Thu, Dec 06 2012
Poster of Wedding Scandal
Wedding Scandal
Kwak Ji-min was
27 in Wedding Scandal
as 'Jeong-eun/So-eun'.
Thu, Sep 06 2012
Poster of The Beat Goes On
The Beat Goes On
Kwak Ji-min was
27 in The Beat Goes On
as 'Ah-ra'.
Thu, Mar 15 2012
Poster of Link
Kwak Ji-min was
26 in Link
as 'Soojung'.
Thu, Jul 28 2011
Poster of Girl X Girl
Girl X Girl
Kwak Ji-min was
21 in Girl X Girl
as 'Oh Se-Ri'.
Thu, Jan 25 2007
Poster of Dasepo Girl Series
Dasepo Girl Series
Kwak Ji-min was
21 in Dasepo Girl Series
as ''.
Sat, Jul 01 2006
Poster of Red Eye
Red Eye
Kwak Ji-min was
20 in Red Eye
as 'So-hee'.
Fri, Feb 18 2005
Poster of Samaritan Girl
Samaritan Girl
Kwak Ji-min was
19 in Samaritan Girl
as 'Yeo-jin'.
Fri, Mar 05 2004
Poster of Wishing Stairs
Wishing Stairs
Kwak Ji-min was
18 in Wishing Stairs
as 'Dance Class Junior'.
Fri, Aug 01 2003

TV Shows (Acting Roles)

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Poster of Lovers in Prague
Lovers in Prague
Kwak Ji-min was
20+ in Lovers in Prague
as 'Jung Yeon-soo'.
First Air Date
Sat, Sep 24 2005
Poster of 사랑을 할꺼야
사랑을 할꺼야
Kwak Ji-min was
19+ in 사랑을 할꺼야
as 'Jin Pa-Rang'.
First Air Date
Sat, Jun 12 2004
Poster of Sharp
Kwak Ji-min was
18+ in Sharp
as 'Kang Dong-hee'.
First Air Date
Sat, Nov 29 2003
Poster of Real Romance Love Letter
Real Romance Love Letter
Kwak Ji-min was
18+ in Real Romance Love Letter
as 'Herself'.
First Air Date
Thu, Oct 16 2003