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Kim Myers

Kim Myers

Born: Tue, Feb 15 1966
years old
Scream, Queen! My Nightmare on Elm Street
Kim Myers was:
Played: Herself
Fri, Apr 05 2019
10,000 Days
Kim Myers was:
Played: Veena Hesse
Sun, Nov 23 2014
Notes from Dad
Kim Myers was:
Played: Vivian
Mon, Apr 29 2013
The Forger
Kim Myers was:
Played: Brynn
Tue, Jul 03 2012
Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy
Kim Myers was:
Played: Herself
Tue, May 04 2010
The Last Sin Eater
Kim Myers was:
Played: Iona Kai
Fri, Feb 09 2007
The Dust Factory
Kim Myers was:
Played: Angie Finn
Thu, Jan 01 2004
Letters from a Killer
Kim Myers was:
Played: Gloria Stevens
Fri, Aug 21 1998
Hellraiser: Bloodline
Kim Myers was:
Played: Bobbi Merchant
Fri, Mar 08 1996
Best Shots
Kim Myers was:
Played: Lia Black
Wed, Apr 22 1992
Something to Live for: The Alison Gertz Story
Kim Myers was:
Played: Lindy
Thu, Mar 26 1992
The Sitter
Kim Myers was:
Played: Nell
Mon, Jun 10 1991
White Palace
Kim Myers was:
Played: Heidi Solomon (as Kim Meyers)
Fri, Oct 19 1990
People Like Us
Kim Myers was:
Played: Marguerite Hanrahan
Sun, May 13 1990
Out on the Edge
Kim Myers was:
Played: Chris Evetts
Sun, May 14 1989
State Park
Kim Myers was:
Played: Eve
Thu, Jun 02 1988
Illegally Yours
Kim Myers was:
Played: Suzanne Keeler
Fri, May 13 1988
A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy's Revenge
Kim Myers was:
Played: Lisa Webber
Fri, Nov 01 1985
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