Portrait of Kim Dong-hwi

Kim Dong-hwi

Born: Tue, Dec 26 1995
Birthplace: South Korea
Kim Dong-hwi is 28 years old
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Movies (Acting Roles)

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Poster of Troll Factory
Troll Factory
Kim Dong-hwi was
28 in Troll Factory
as 'ChAtTaTkat'.
Wed, Mar 27 2024
Poster of Christmas Carol
Christmas Carol
Kim Dong-hwi was
26 in Christmas Carol
as 'Son Hwan'.
Wed, Dec 07 2022
Poster of In Our Prime
In Our Prime
Kim Dong-hwi was
26 in In Our Prime
as 'Han Ji-woo'.
Fri, Mar 18 2022
Poster of Journey to the Shore
Journey to the Shore
Kim Dong-hwi was
24 in Journey to the Shore
as 'Hwang Min-ha'.
Fri, Sep 18 2020
Poster of My First Time
My First Time
Kim Dong-hwi was
23 in My First Time
as 'Min-su'.
Fri, Jun 28 2019
Poster of Where to Go
Where to Go
Kim Dong-hwi was
22 in Where to Go
as ''.
Mon, Mar 12 2018
Poster of Phantom Detective
Phantom Detective
Kim Dong-hwi was
20 in Phantom Detective
as 'Student'.
Wed, May 04 2016
Poster of The Royal Tailor
The Royal Tailor
Kim Dong-hwi was
18 in The Royal Tailor
as 'Prince'.
Wed, Dec 24 2014
Poster of 80 Billion Boy
80 Billion Boy
Kim Dong-hwi will be
28+ in 80 Billion Boy
as 'Ah-in'.

TV Shows (Acting Roles)

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Poster of The Deal
The Deal
Kim Dong-hwi was
27+ in The Deal
as 'Song Jae-hyo'.
First Air Date
Fri, Oct 06 2023
Poster of Missing: The Other Side
Missing: The Other Side
Kim Dong-hwi was
24+ in Missing: The Other Side
as 'Oh Il-yong'.
First Air Date
Sat, Aug 29 2020
Poster of Movie Room
Movie Room
Kim Dong-hwi was
22+ in Movie Room
as 'Self'.
First Air Date
Fri, May 04 2018
Poster of Stranger
Kim Dong-hwi was
21+ in Stranger
as 'Kim Hu-jeong'.
First Air Date
Sat, Jun 10 2017
Poster of Running Man
Running Man
Kim Dong-hwi was
14+ in Running Man
as 'Self'.
First Air Date
Sun, Jul 11 2010