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Portrait of Ken Murray

Ken Murray

Born: Tue, Jul 14 1903 - Wed, Oct 12 1988
years old
Poster of Frank Capra's American Dream
Frank Capra's American Dream
Ken Murray would have been:
Wed, Jan 01 1997
Poster of Won Ton Ton: The Dog Who Saved Hollywood
Won Ton Ton: The Dog Who Saved Hollywood
Ken Murray was:
Played: Souvenir Salesman
Mon, Jul 26 1976
Poster of The Power
The Power
Ken Murray was:
Played: Grover
Wed, Feb 21 1968
Poster of Follow Me, Boys!
Follow Me, Boys!
Ken Murray was:
Played: Melody Murphy
Thu, Dec 01 1966
Poster of Hollywood My Home Town
Hollywood My Home Town
Ken Murray was:
Played: Himself
Fri, Dec 31 1965
Poster of Hollywood Without Make-Up
Hollywood Without Make-Up
Ken Murray was:
Played: Host
Mon, Jul 01 1963
Poster of Son of Flubber
Son of Flubber
Ken Murray was:
Played: Mr. Hurley
Wed, Jan 16 1963
Poster of The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
Ken Murray was:
Played: Doc Willoughby
Sun, Apr 15 1962
Poster of The Marshal's Daughter
The Marshal's Daughter
Ken Murray was:
Played: 'Smiling Billy' Murray
Thu, Jun 25 1953
Poster of Red Light
Red Light
Ken Murray was:
Played: Ken Murray
Fri, Sep 30 1949
Poster of Bill and Coo
Bill and Coo
Ken Murray was:
Played: Ken Murray
Sun, Mar 28 1948
Poster of Peeks at Hollywood
Peeks at Hollywood
Ken Murray was:
Sat, Jan 26 1946
Poster of Juke Box Jenny
Juke Box Jenny
Ken Murray was:
Played: Malcolm Hammond
Fri, Mar 27 1942
Poster of Swing It Soldier
Swing It Soldier
Ken Murray was:
Played: Jerry Traynor
Fri, Nov 07 1941
Poster of Swing, Sister, Swing
Swing, Sister, Swing
Ken Murray was:
Played: Nap Sisler
Fri, Dec 16 1938
Poster of You're a Sweetheart
You're a Sweetheart
Ken Murray was:
Played: Don King
Sun, Dec 26 1937
Poster of From Headquarters
From Headquarters
Ken Murray was:
Played: Mac
Mon, Nov 06 1933
Poster of Disgraced!
Ken Murray was:
Played: Jim McGuire
Fri, Jul 07 1933
Poster of Crooner
Ken Murray was:
Played: Peter Sturgis
Sat, Aug 20 1932
Poster of Ladies of the Jury
Ladies of the Jury
Ken Murray was:
Played: Spencer B. Dazy
Tue, Feb 02 1932
Poster of Leathernecking
Ken Murray was:
Played: Frank
Fri, Sep 12 1930
Poster of Half Marriage
Half Marriage
Ken Murray was:
Played: Charles Turner
Sat, Oct 12 1929
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