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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Portrait of Kathleen Widdoes

Kathleen Widdoes

Born: Tue, Mar 21 1939
years old
Poster of Hi-Life
Kathleen Widdoes was:
Played: Frankie
Fri, Nov 27 1998
Poster of Courage Under Fire
Courage Under Fire
Kathleen Widdoes was:
Played: Geraldine Walden
Thu, Jul 04 1996
Poster of Mafia Princess
Mafia Princess
Kathleen Widdoes was:
Played: Angelina Giancana
Sun, Jan 19 1986
Poster of Without a Trace
Without a Trace
Kathleen Widdoes was:
Played: Ms. Hauser
Fri, Feb 04 1983
Poster of I'm Dancing as Fast as I Can
I'm Dancing as Fast as I Can
Kathleen Widdoes was:
Played: Dr. Rawlings
Fri, Mar 05 1982
Poster of Please Call It Murder
Please Call It Murder
Kathleen Widdoes was:
Played: Joan Harper
Tue, Jan 21 1975
Poster of Punch and Jody
Punch and Jody
Kathleen Widdoes was:
Played: Margaret Howell Grant
Tue, Nov 26 1974
Poster of The Return of Charlie Chan
The Return of Charlie Chan
Kathleen Widdoes was:
Played: Irene Hadrachi
Sun, Jul 01 1973
Poster of Much Ado About Nothing
Much Ado About Nothing
Kathleen Widdoes was:
Played: Beatrice
Fri, Feb 02 1973
Poster of Savages
Kathleen Widdoes was:
Played: Leslie
Tue, Jun 27 1972
Poster of The Mephisto Waltz
The Mephisto Waltz
Kathleen Widdoes was:
Played: Maggie West
Fri, Apr 09 1971
Poster of The Sea Gull
The Sea Gull
Kathleen Widdoes was:
Played: Masha
Mon, Dec 23 1968
Poster of Petulia
Kathleen Widdoes was:
Played: Wilma
Mon, Jun 10 1968
Poster of The Group
The Group
Kathleen Widdoes was:
Played: Helena
Fri, Mar 04 1966
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