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Portrait of Joseph Bernard

Joseph Bernard

Born: Wed, Dec 12 1923 - Mon, Apr 03 2006
years old
Poster of The Granny
The Granny
Joseph Bernard was:
Played: Mr. Sadler
Tue, May 23 1995
Poster of Warlock: The Armageddon
Warlock: The Armageddon
Joseph Bernard was:
Played: Sutherland
Sat, May 01 1993
Poster of Heat
Joseph Bernard was:
Thu, Oct 16 1986
Poster of Fever Pitch
Fever Pitch
Joseph Bernard was:
Played: Bernstein
Fri, Nov 22 1985
Poster of The Man Who Loved Women
The Man Who Loved Women
Joseph Bernard was:
Played: Dr. Simon Abrams
Sun, Dec 18 1983
Poster of Pleasure Palace
Pleasure Palace
Joseph Bernard was:
Played: Starkey
Wed, Oct 22 1980
Poster of Mobile Two
Mobile Two
Joseph Bernard was:
Tue, Sep 02 1975
Poster of Brute Corps
Brute Corps
Joseph Bernard was:
Played: Sheriff Alvarez
Fri, Oct 22 1971
Poster of A Tattered Web
A Tattered Web
Joseph Bernard was:
Played: Bartender
Fri, Sep 24 1971
Poster of Lost Flight
Lost Flight
Joseph Bernard was:
Played: Mr. Peterson
Thu, Aug 13 1970
Poster of Quarantined
Joseph Bernard was:
Played: Sid Gladder
Tue, Feb 24 1970
Poster of The Challenge
The Challenge
Joseph Bernard was:
Played: Doctor
Tue, Feb 10 1970
Poster of The Immortal
The Immortal
Joseph Bernard was:
Played: Mechanic
Tue, Sep 30 1969
Poster of Ice Station Zebra
Ice Station Zebra
Joseph Bernard was:
Played: Dr. Jack Benning
Wed, Oct 23 1968
Poster of Don't Just Stand There
Don't Just Stand There
Joseph Bernard was:
Played: Police Inspector
Tue, Sep 03 1968
Poster of Judgment at Nuremberg
Judgment at Nuremberg
Joseph Bernard was:
Played: Abe Radnitz
Mon, Dec 18 1961
Poster of Murder, Inc.
Murder, Inc.
Joseph Bernard was:
Played: Mendy Weiss
Tue, Jun 28 1960
Poster of For Whom the Bell Tolls
For Whom the Bell Tolls
Joseph Bernard was:
Played: Primitivo
Thu, Mar 12 1959
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