Portrait of John Zacharias

John Zacharias

Born: Fri, Aug 17 1917
Birthplace: Stockholm, Stockholms län, Sweden

Death: Fri, Jun 26 1998
John Zacharias is 80 years old
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Movies (Acting Roles)

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Poster of Amorosa
John Zacharias was
68 in Amorosa
Fri, Mar 14 1986
Poster of En ros av kött
En ros av kött
John Zacharias was
67 in En ros av kött
as 'Daniel's father'.
Tue, Mar 26 1985
Poster of En afton på jaktslottet
En afton på jaktslottet
John Zacharias was
66 in En afton på jaktslottet
as 'herr Hugo Löwenstjerna'.
Wed, Feb 29 1984
Poster of Alfred Nobel - Mr. Dynamite
Alfred Nobel - Mr. Dynamite
John Zacharias was
66 in Alfred Nobel - Mr. Dynamite
as 'Alfred Nobel'.
Wed, Dec 07 1983
Poster of Montenegro
John Zacharias was
64 in Montenegro
as 'Grandpa Bill'.
Fri, Oct 09 1981
Poster of Realm of Man
Realm of Man
John Zacharias was
32 in Realm of Man
Sat, Nov 19 1949
Poster of Gatan
John Zacharias was
31 in Gatan
as 'Rulle's friend at work'.
Sun, Feb 27 1949
Poster of Two Women
Two Women
John Zacharias was
30 in Two Women
as 'Poker player'.
Tue, Nov 18 1947
Poster of Här kommer vi ...
Här kommer vi ...
John Zacharias was
30 in Här kommer vi ...
Sat, Oct 18 1947
Poster of I Love You Karlsson
I Love You Karlsson
John Zacharias was
30 in I Love You Karlsson
as 'Architect'.
Sat, Sep 13 1947
Poster of Eviga länkar
Eviga länkar
John Zacharias was
29 in Eviga länkar
as 'Flight Officer at the Airport'.
Wed, Dec 04 1946

TV Shows (Acting Roles)

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Poster of Drottning Kristina
Drottning Kristina
John Zacharias was
63+ in Drottning Kristina
as 'Per Brahe'.
First Air Date
Tue, Apr 28 1981