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John Wallace

John Wallace

Born: Tue, Aug 24 1869 - Tue, Jul 16 1946
years old
Harry Chapin: You Are the Only Song
John Wallace was:
Played: Himself
Tue, Mar 16 1999
The Scavengers
John Wallace was:
Played: Taggert
Thu, Oct 01 1959
Dead Men Tell
John Wallace was:
Played: Peg-legged Sailor
Fri, Mar 28 1941
The Grapes of Wrath
John Wallace was:
Played: Migrant (uncredited)
Fri, Mar 15 1940
Zorro's Fighting Legion
John Wallace was:
Played: Jailer
Sat, Dec 16 1939
The Luck of Roaring Camp
John Wallace was:
Wed, Nov 17 1937
Slave Ship
John Wallace was:
Played: Crew Member
Wed, Jun 16 1937
Three Godfathers
John Wallace was:
Played: Pegleg Man (uncredited)
Fri, Mar 06 1936
Life Begins at Forty
John Wallace was:
Played: Peg-Leg Man
Fri, Mar 22 1935
Border Law
John Wallace was:
Played: Pegleg
Wed, Oct 14 1931
The Donovan Affair
John Wallace was:
Played: Dobbs
Thu, Apr 11 1929
Yellow Fingers
John Wallace was:
Played: Pegleg LaForge
Sun, Mar 21 1926
The Black Pirate
John Wallace was:
Played: Peg-Leg Pirate
Mon, Mar 08 1926
Perils of the Wild
John Wallace was:
Played: Pirate
Thu, Aug 27 1925
The Gold Rush
John Wallace was:
Played: Man in Dance Hall (uncredited)
Sun, Jul 12 1925
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