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Portrait of Joey Sagal

Joey Sagal

Born: Tue, Feb 12 1957
years old
Poster of Elvis & Nixon
Elvis & Nixon
Joey Sagal was:
Played: Joe King
Tue, Mar 22 2016
Poster of Not Another Celebrity Movie
Not Another Celebrity Movie
Joey Sagal was:
Played: George Clooney
Tue, Jan 01 2013
Poster of Redline
Joey Sagal was:
Played: Elvis Announcer
Fri, Apr 13 2007
Poster of Cult
Joey Sagal was:
Played: Logan - Mindy's Dad
Fri, Mar 09 2007
Poster of Retrograde
Joey Sagal was:
Played: Andrew Schrader
Tue, Nov 02 2004
Poster of Lost Treasure
Lost Treasure
Joey Sagal was:
Played: Chucky Daniels
Tue, Nov 25 2003
Poster of Air Rage
Air Rage
Joey Sagal was:
Played: Lt. O'Connor
Tue, Jul 24 2001
Poster of Whatever It Takes
Whatever It Takes
Joey Sagal was:
Played: Pope Kim
Fri, Nov 13 1998
Poster of Barb Wire
Barb Wire
Joey Sagal was:
Played: Fred the Bartender
Thu, May 02 1996
Poster of The Chase
The Chase
Joey Sagal was:
Played: Sergeant Hodges
Fri, Mar 04 1994
Poster of Out for Blood
Out for Blood
Joey Sagal was:
Played: Bubbah
Wed, Dec 16 1992
Poster of The Return of Swamp Thing
The Return of Swamp Thing
Joey Sagal was:
Played: Gunn
Thu, May 11 1989
Poster of The Hidden
The Hidden
Joey Sagal was:
Played: Drunk
Fri, Oct 30 1987
Poster of Quiet Cool
Quiet Cool
Joey Sagal was:
Played: Toker
Sat, Nov 08 1986
Poster of Final Jeopardy
Final Jeopardy
Joey Sagal was:
Played: Mike (as Joe Sagal)
Sun, Dec 08 1985
Poster of The $5.20 an Hour Dream
The $5.20 an Hour Dream
Joey Sagal was:
Played: Bailiff
Sat, Jan 26 1980
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