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Jo Yoon-seo

Bio: Jo Yoon-seo (Hangul: 조윤서, January 4, 1993), also known by her stage name Yoon Seo (Hangul: 윤서), is a South Korean actress born in the City of Mungyeong, Noth Gyeongsang Province, Republic of South Korea.
Born: Mon, Jan 04 1993
Birthplace: Mungyeong, North Gyeongsang, South Korea
Jo Yoon-seo is 31 years old
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Movies (Acting Roles)

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Poster of Cinematic Novel 2
Cinematic Novel 2
Jo Yoon-seo was
30 in Cinematic Novel 2
as ''.
Fri, Dec 29 2023
Poster of Citizen Pane
Citizen Pane
Jo Yoon-seo was
30 in Citizen Pane
as 'Yoon-seo'.
Wed, May 17 2023
Poster of The Night Owl
The Night Owl
Jo Yoon-seo was
29 in The Night Owl
as 'Crown Princess Kang'.
Wed, Nov 23 2022
Poster of In Our Prime
In Our Prime
Jo Yoon-seo was
29 in In Our Prime
as 'Park Bo-ram'.
Fri, Mar 18 2022
Poster of Rampant
Jo Yoon-seo was
25 in Rampant
as 'Royal Concubine #1'.
Thu, Oct 25 2018
Poster of The Way
The Way
Jo Yoon-seo was
24 in The Way
as 'Sang-beom’s granddaughter'.
Thu, May 11 2017
Poster of Samakdo
Jo Yoon-seo will be
31+ in Samakdo
as 'Chae So-yeon'.

TV Shows (Acting Roles)

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Poster of Welcome to Samdal-ri
Welcome to Samdal-ri
Jo Yoon-seo was
30+ in Welcome to Samdal-ri
as 'Bang Eun-joo'.
First Air Date
Sat, Dec 02 2023
Poster of Mine
Jo Yoon-seo was
28+ in Mine
as 'Oh Soo-young'.
First Air Date
Sat, May 08 2021
Poster of Grand Prince
Grand Prince
Jo Yoon-seo was
25+ in Grand Prince
as 'Jung Seol-Hwa'.
First Air Date
Sat, Mar 03 2018
Poster of Happiness Giver
Happiness Giver
Jo Yoon-seo was
23+ in Happiness Giver
as 'Lee So-Jung'.
First Air Date
Mon, Nov 21 2016
Poster of Entertainer
Jo Yoon-seo was
23+ in Entertainer
as 'Lee Ji-Young'.
First Air Date
Wed, Apr 20 2016
Poster of 미스터리 신입생
미스터리 신입생
Jo Yoon-seo was
23+ in 미스터리 신입생
as 'Hye Jung'.
First Air Date
Fri, Jan 29 2016
Poster of Love From Today
Love From Today
Jo Yoon-seo was
22+ in Love From Today
as 'Yoon Seung-A'.
First Air Date
Mon, Apr 06 2015
Poster of Reply 1994
Reply 1994
Jo Yoon-seo was
20+ in Reply 1994
as 'Cha Ae-jung'.
First Air Date
Fri, Oct 18 2013