Portrait of Jean Mourat

Jean Mourat

Born: Unknown birthdate.
Jean Mourat is ?
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Movies (Acting Roles)

Poster of Rue du Pied de Grue
Rue du Pied de Grue
Jean Mourat was
? in Rue du Pied de Grue
as 'Allumeur de radio'.
Wed, Nov 07 1979
Poster of Lacombe, Lucien
Lacombe, Lucien
Jean Mourat was
? in Lacombe, Lucien
as '(uncredited)'.
Wed, Jan 30 1974
Poster of Rak
Jean Mourat was
? in Rak
as ''.
Fri, Apr 07 1972
Poster of La Coqueluche
La Coqueluche
Jean Mourat was
? in La Coqueluche
as 'le chauffeur de Gabriel'.
Fri, May 30 1969

TV Shows (Acting Roles)

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Poster of Ce diable d'homme
Ce diable d'homme
Jean Mourat was
? in Ce diable d'homme
as 'Jean-Jacques Rousseau'.
First Air Date
Thu, May 04 1978