Portrait of Jane Cowl

Jane Cowl

Bio: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jane Cowl (December 14, 1883 - June 22, 1950) was an American film and stage actress and playwright "notorious for playing lacrymose parts"
Born: Sun, Dec 14 1884
Birthplace: Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Death: Thu, Jun 22 1950
Jane Cowl is 65 years old
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Movies (Acting Roles)

Poster of Payment on Demand
Payment on Demand
Jane Cowl would have been no older than
65 in Payment on Demand
as 'Mrs. Emily Hedges'.
Sat, Feb 03 1951
Poster of No Man of Her Own
No Man of Her Own
Jane Cowl was
65 in No Man of Her Own
as 'Mrs. Harkness'.
Tue, Feb 21 1950
Poster of The Secret Fury
The Secret Fury
Jane Cowl was
65 in The Secret Fury
as 'Clara Ewing'.
Tue, Feb 21 1950
Poster of Once More, My Darling
Once More, My Darling
Jane Cowl was
64 in Once More, My Darling
as 'Mrs. Laing'.
Sat, Sep 10 1949
Poster of Stage Door Canteen
Stage Door Canteen
Jane Cowl was
58 in Stage Door Canteen
as 'Jane Cowl (uncredited)'.
Thu, Jun 24 1943
Poster of Garden of Lies
Garden of Lies
Jane Cowl was
30 in Garden of Lies
as 'Eleanor Mannering / Princess Eleanor'.
Mon, Jul 12 1915

TV Shows (Acting Roles)

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