Portrait of Hugo Bolander

Hugo Bolander

Born: Thu, Dec 25 1890
Birthplace: Lilla Edet, Västra Götalands län, Sweden

Death: Mon, May 14 1979
Hugo Bolander is 88 years old
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Movies (Acting Roles)

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Poster of Flyg-Bom
Hugo Bolander was
61 in Flyg-Bom
as ''.
Mon, Dec 22 1952
Poster of This Can't Happen Here
This Can't Happen Here
Hugo Bolander was
59 in This Can't Happen Here
as 'Hotel Manager'.
Mon, Oct 23 1950
Poster of 91:an Karlssons permis
91:an Karlssons permis
Hugo Bolander was
56 in 91:an Karlssons permis
as ''.
Mon, Dec 22 1947
Poster of Kronblom
Hugo Bolander was
56 in Kronblom
as 'Manager M. Nygren (uncredited)'.
Mon, Aug 18 1947
Poster of June Night
June Night
Hugo Bolander was
49 in June Night
as 'Journalist'.
Wed, Apr 03 1940
Poster of Guest House Paradise
Guest House Paradise
Hugo Bolander was
46 in Guest House Paradise
as 'Recording Clerk'.
Mon, Feb 08 1937
Poster of Alla tiders Karlsson
Alla tiders Karlsson
Hugo Bolander was
45 in Alla tiders Karlsson
as ''.
Fri, Jul 31 1936

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