Portrait of Helen Lindes

Helen Lindes

Born: Mon, Aug 17 1981
Birthplace: Girona, Girona, Catalonia, Spain
Helen Lindes is 42 years old
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Poster of Tu cara me suena
Tu cara me suena
Helen Lindes was
30+ in Tu cara me suena
as 'Imitador'.
First Air Date
Wed, Sep 28 2011
Poster of ¡Más que baile!
¡Más que baile!
Helen Lindes was
28+ in ¡Más que baile!
as 'Self - Contestant'.
First Air Date
Thu, Feb 11 2010
Poster of Pasapalabra
Helen Lindes was
18+ in Pasapalabra
as 'Concursante'.
First Air Date
Mon, Jul 24 2000
Poster of Al salir de clase
Al salir de clase
Helen Lindes was
16+ in Al salir de clase
as 'Nines'.
First Air Date
Mon, Sep 08 1997