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Portrait of Hartley Power

Hartley Power

Born: Wed, Mar 14 1894 - Sat, Jan 29 1966
years old
Poster of Island in the Sun
Island in the Sun
Hartley Power was:
Played: Bradshaw
Wed, Jun 12 1957
Poster of To Dorothy, a Son
To Dorothy, a Son
Hartley Power was:
Played: Cy Daniel
Sun, Oct 31 1954
Poster of The Million Pound Note
The Million Pound Note
Hartley Power was:
Played: Lloyd Hastings
Thu, Jan 07 1954
Poster of Roman Holiday
Roman Holiday
Hartley Power was:
Played: Mr. Hennessy
Wed, Aug 26 1953
Poster of The Net
The Net
Hartley Power was:
Played: General Adams (uncredited)
Mon, Feb 09 1953
Poster of Dead of Night
Dead of Night
Hartley Power was:
Played: Sylvester Kee (Segment "The Ventriloquist's Dummy")
Sun, Sep 09 1945
Poster of The Way to the Stars
The Way to the Stars
Hartley Power was:
Played: Colonel Page
Sat, Jun 16 1945
Poster of The Man from Morocco
The Man from Morocco
Hartley Power was:
Played: Col. Bagley
Tue, Apr 17 1945
Poster of Atlantic Ferry
Atlantic Ferry
Hartley Power was:
Played: Samuel 'Sam' Cunard
Tue, Sep 09 1941
Poster of A Window in London
A Window in London
Hartley Power was:
Played: Max Preston
Sat, Jun 15 1940
Poster of Return to Yesterday
Return to Yesterday
Hartley Power was:
Played: Regan
Sat, Mar 09 1940
Poster of The Return of the Frog
The Return of the Frog
Hartley Power was:
Played: 'Chicago Dale' Sandford
Thu, Nov 24 1938
Poster of Where There's a Will
Where There's a Will
Hartley Power was:
Played: Duke Wilson
Mon, Aug 10 1936
Poster of Living Dangerously
Living Dangerously
Hartley Power was:
Played: District Attorney Garrett Gale
Sun, Mar 08 1936
Poster of Jury's Evidence
Jury's Evidence
Hartley Power was:
Played: Edgar Trent
Wed, Jan 01 1936
Poster of Road House
Road House
Hartley Power was:
Played: Dick D'Arcy
Thu, Nov 29 1934
Poster of The Camels Are Coming
The Camels Are Coming
Hartley Power was:
Played: Nicholas
Mon, Oct 08 1934
Poster of Aunt Sally
Aunt Sally
Hartley Power was:
Played: 'Gloves' Clark
Wed, Jun 13 1934
Poster of Evergreen
Hartley Power was:
Played: Treadwell
Sun, Apr 01 1934
Poster of Friday the Thirteenth
Friday the Thirteenth
Hartley Power was:
Played: American #1
Wed, Nov 01 1933
Poster of Leave It to Smith
Leave It to Smith
Hartley Power was:
Played: John Mortimer
Wed, Sep 13 1933
Poster of Down River
Down River
Hartley Power was:
Played: Lingard
Fri, May 01 1931
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