Portrait of Geraldine Leer

Geraldine Leer

Born: Unknown birthdate.
Geraldine Leer is ?
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Movies (Acting Roles)

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Poster of Shoplifters of the World
Shoplifters of the World
Geraldine Leer was
? in Shoplifters of the World
as 'Billy's Mom'.
Fri, Mar 26 2021
Poster of One Royal Holiday
One Royal Holiday
Geraldine Leer was
? in One Royal Holiday
as 'Diane'.
Sat, Oct 31 2020
Poster of Christmas Love Letter
Christmas Love Letter
Geraldine Leer was
? in Christmas Love Letter
as 'Karen'.
Sat, Dec 21 2019
Poster of Christmas Camp
Christmas Camp
Geraldine Leer was
? in Christmas Camp
as 'Gail'.
Thu, Jul 11 2019
Poster of Mystic Pizza
Mystic Pizza
Geraldine Leer was
? in Mystic Pizza
as 'Lorna'.
Thu, Oct 13 1988
Poster of Getting Even
Getting Even
Geraldine Leer was
? in Getting Even
as 'Debutante #1'.
Fri, Feb 21 1986
Poster of Deadly Choice
Deadly Choice
Geraldine Leer was
? in Deadly Choice
as 'BJ Reasoner'.
Fri, Jan 01 1982

TV Shows (Acting Roles)

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Poster of FBI: Most Wanted
FBI: Most Wanted
Geraldine Leer was
? in FBI: Most Wanted
as 'Sally Wiggins'.
First Air Date
Tue, Jan 07 2020
Poster of The Other Two
The Other Two
Geraldine Leer was
? in The Other Two
as 'Leanne'.
First Air Date
Thu, Jan 24 2019
Poster of Manifest
Geraldine Leer was
? in Manifest
as 'Karen Stone'.
First Air Date
Mon, Sep 24 2018
Poster of Law & Order
Law & Order
Geraldine Leer was
? in Law & Order
as 'Michelle DeVoe'.
First Air Date
Thu, Sep 13 1990