Portrait of George Pistereanu

George Pistereanu

Born: Thu, Oct 12 1989
Birthplace: Bukarest, Romania
George Pistereanu is 34 years old
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Movies (Acting Roles)

Poster of Miami Bici 2
Miami Bici 2
George Pistereanu was
34 in Miami Bici 2
as 'Tampon'.
Fri, Nov 24 2023
Poster of The Perfect Escape
The Perfect Escape
George Pistereanu was
33 in The Perfect Escape
as 'Taxi Driver'.
Tue, Feb 14 2023
Poster of Poppy Field
Poppy Field
George Pistereanu was
32 in Poppy Field
as 'Stroia'.
Wed, Sep 28 2022
Poster of The Contractor
The Contractor
George Pistereanu was
32 in The Contractor
as 'Carlos'.
Thu, Mar 10 2022
Poster of The Protégé
The Protégé
George Pistereanu was
31 in The Protégé
as 'Vali'.
Thu, Aug 19 2021
Poster of The Whistlers
The Whistlers
George Pistereanu was
29 in The Whistlers
as 'Alin'.
Fri, Sep 13 2019
Poster of Sweet Little Lies Downtown
Sweet Little Lies Downtown
George Pistereanu was
26 in Sweet Little Lies Downtown
as 'Marcel'.
Fri, Apr 01 2016
Poster of The Miracle of Tekir
The Miracle of Tekir
George Pistereanu was
26 in The Miracle of Tekir
as 'Julio'.
Fri, Jan 01 2016
Poster of New Russians
New Russians
George Pistereanu was
25 in New Russians
as '("Verpackungen")'.
Thu, Jun 04 2015
Poster of You're Ugly Too
You're Ugly Too
George Pistereanu was
25 in You're Ugly Too
as 'Tibor'.
Sat, Feb 07 2015
Poster of Verpackungen
George Pistereanu was
24 in Verpackungen
as ''.
Sat, Jun 07 2014
Poster of Balkan Spirit
Balkan Spirit
George Pistereanu was
23 in Balkan Spirit
as 'Himself - Actor'.
Mon, Apr 08 2013
Poster of Loverboy
George Pistereanu was
21 in Loverboy
as 'Luca'.
Wed, May 18 2011
Poster of If I Want to Whistle, I Whistle
If I Want to Whistle, I Whistle
George Pistereanu was
20 in If I Want to Whistle, I Whistle
as 'Silviu'.
Fri, Mar 26 2010

TV Shows (Acting Roles)

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Poster of Vlad
George Pistereanu was
29+ in Vlad
as 'Tibi Norvath'.
First Air Date
Mon, Feb 25 2019