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George Brenlin

George Brenlin

Born: Mon, Oct 10 1927 - Thu, Aug 21 1986
years old
Inside Moves
George Brenlin was:
Played: Gil
Fri, Dec 19 1980
Top Secret
George Brenlin was:
Played: Murphy
Sat, Jun 03 1978
The Incredible Hulk
George Brenlin was:
Played: Man at Lake
Fri, Nov 04 1977
Panic in Echo Park
George Brenlin was:
Thu, Jun 23 1977
Goodnight, My Love
George Brenlin was:
Played: Barney
Wed, Oct 18 1972
Lieutenant Schuster's Wife
George Brenlin was:
Played: Tony Butrick
Wed, Oct 11 1972
George Brenlin was:
Played: Hoss Barry
Thu, Dec 01 1960
Riot in Juvenile Prison
George Brenlin was:
Played: Matches (uncredited)
Wed, Apr 01 1959
Young and Dangerous
George Brenlin was:
Played: Weasel Martin
Wed, Oct 30 1957
Fight for the Title
George Brenlin was:
Played: Benny
Sun, Mar 17 1957
The Proud and Profane
George Brenlin was:
Played: Casualty
Wed, Jun 13 1956
The Strike
George Brenlin was:
Played: Radio Operator
Mon, Jun 07 1954
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