Portrait of Garth Maunders

Garth Maunders

Born: Unknown birthdate.
Garth Maunders is ?
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Movies (Acting Roles)

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Poster of Torture
Garth Maunders was
? in Torture
as 'Rod'.
Wed, Oct 20 2021
Poster of Asylum: Twisted Horror & Fantasy Tales
Asylum: Twisted Horror & Fantasy Tales
Garth Maunders was
? in Asylum: Twisted Horror & Fantasy Tales
as 'George'.
Thu, Jul 02 2020
Poster of Surprise
Garth Maunders was
? in Surprise
as 'Byron Vanderbilt (segment "Last Rites")'.
Sat, Nov 24 2018
Poster of Sybil
Garth Maunders was
? in Sybil
as 'Mark'.
Sun, Aug 26 2018
Poster of The Ferryman
The Ferryman
Garth Maunders was
? in The Ferryman
as 'Roland'.
Fri, Apr 13 2018
Poster of Habit
Garth Maunders was
? in Habit
as 'Eddie'.
Fri, Aug 25 2017
Poster of A Father's Day
A Father's Day
Garth Maunders was
? in A Father's Day
as 'George'.
Fri, Sep 23 2016
Poster of Arthur & Merlin
Arthur & Merlin
Garth Maunders was
? in Arthur & Merlin
as 'Faelan'.
Fri, Apr 17 2015
Poster of Some Dogs Bite
Some Dogs Bite
Garth Maunders was
? in Some Dogs Bite
as 'Smart Man'.
Fri, Oct 01 2010
Poster of Trespasser
Garth Maunders will be
0+ in Trespasser
as 'The Man'.

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