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Elisabeth Welz

Elisabeth Welz

Born: Tue, Jan 01 1924 - Fri, Oct 03 1997
years old
Langer Samstag
Elisabeth Welz was:
Played: Schwester Rotraud
Thu, Oct 29 1992
Herr Ober!
Elisabeth Welz was:
Played: Frau Dietzl
Fri, Jan 31 1992
Elisabeth Welz was:
Played: Maria
Thu, Mar 02 1989
Man spricht deutsh
Elisabeth Welz was:
Played: Mrs. Endress
Thu, Feb 18 1988
Marianne and Sophie
Elisabeth Welz was:
Fri, May 13 1983
Schoolgirl Report Part 12: If Mom Only Knew...
Elisabeth Welz was:
Played: Lehrerin auf Schulausflug
Fri, Feb 03 1978
Schoolgirl Report Part 9: Mature Before Graduation...
Elisabeth Welz was:
Played: Selma, Katjas Mutter
Fri, Aug 22 1975
Schoolgirl Report Part 7: What The Heart Must Thereby…
Elisabeth Welz was:
Played: Richterin
Wed, Apr 24 1974
Schoolgirl Report Part 6: What Parents Would Gladly Hush Up
Elisabeth Welz was:
Played: Kurzsichtige Lehrerin
Thu, Oct 11 1973
Schoolgirl Report Part 5: What All Parents Should Know
Elisabeth Welz was:
Played: Fräulein Berghold
Fri, Apr 13 1973
Nurses Report
Elisabeth Welz was:
Played: Oberschwester
Fri, Oct 27 1972
Schoolgirl Report Part 4: What Drives Parents to Despair
Elisabeth Welz was:
Played: Fräulein Koller, Lehrerin
Thu, Sep 28 1972
The Swinging Co-eds
Elisabeth Welz was:
Played: Maxi Baldhammer
Thu, Aug 24 1972
Schoolgirl Report Part 3: What Parents Find Unthinkable
Elisabeth Welz was:
Played: Frau Direktor
Thu, Feb 17 1972
Eros Center Hamburg
Elisabeth Welz was:
Played: Mrs. von Schleck
Fri, Oct 03 1969
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