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Elisa Ramírez

Elisa Ramírez

Born: Thu, Dec 02 1943
years old
Memorias del general Escobar
Elisa Ramírez was:
Played: Rosario del Niño Jesús / Carmen
Fri, Sep 21 1984
El señor está servido
Elisa Ramírez was:
Played: Martina
Mon, Jul 26 1976
Adultery to the Spanish
Elisa Ramírez was:
Played: Marta
Mon, Nov 24 1975
Man with the Golden Winchester
Elisa Ramírez was:
Played: Conchita Herrera
Sun, Dec 30 1973
Celos, amor y Mercado Común
Elisa Ramírez was:
Played: Irene
Tue, Nov 27 1973
El hombre que se quiso matar
Elisa Ramírez was:
Played: Irene Argüelles
Mon, Sep 28 1970
El mejor alcalde, el rey
Elisa Ramírez was:
Played: Elvira
Wed, May 27 1970
The Wanton of Spain
Elisa Ramírez was:
Played: Melibea
Sun, Apr 06 1969
La revoltosa
Elisa Ramírez was:
Played: Mari Pepa
Wed, Jan 01 1969
Un día es un día
Elisa Ramírez was:
Played: Mujer de Manuel
Mon, Nov 18 1968
Another Man's Wife
Elisa Ramírez was:
Played: Alicia
Thu, Nov 23 1967
La cabaña
Elisa Ramírez was:
Tue, Mar 29 1966
Platero y yo
Elisa Ramírez was:
Played: Blanca
Thu, Feb 17 1966
La familia y uno más
Elisa Ramírez was:
Played: Mercedes Alonso
Fri, Sep 10 1965
Llegar a más
Elisa Ramírez was:
Sun, Jun 14 1964
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