Portrait of Elisa Loti

Elisa Loti

Born: Tue, Aug 26 1930
Elisa Loti is 93 years old
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Movies (Acting Roles)

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Poster of Claudine
Elisa Loti was
43 in Claudine
as 'Miss Kabac'.
Mon, Apr 22 1974
Poster of Code Of Silence
Code Of Silence
Elisa Loti was
29 in Code Of Silence
as ''.
Sun, May 29 1960
Poster of Back to the Door
Back to the Door
Elisa Loti was
29 in Back to the Door
as 'Patricia'.
Thu, Nov 12 1959
Poster of Villa!!
Elisa Loti was
28 in Villa!!
as 'Manuela'.
Wed, Oct 01 1958
Poster of Manos arriba
Manos arriba
Elisa Loti was
27 in Manos arriba
as ''.
Wed, Jun 11 1958
Poster of Heiraten verboten
Heiraten verboten
Elisa Loti was
26 in Heiraten verboten
as 'Moni Roßkopf'.
Wed, Jun 12 1957
Poster of Wo der Wildbach rauscht
Wo der Wildbach rauscht
Elisa Loti was
25 in Wo der Wildbach rauscht
as 'Lena'.
Thu, Aug 16 1956
Poster of Charley's Aunt
Charley's Aunt
Elisa Loti was
25 in Charley's Aunt
as 'Ulla Bergström'.
Thu, Jan 19 1956

TV Shows (Acting Roles)

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Poster of Tonight Starring Jack Paar
Tonight Starring Jack Paar
Elisa Loti was
26+ in Tonight Starring Jack Paar
as 'Self'.
First Air Date
Mon, Jul 29 1957