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Portrait of Don Knight

Don Knight

Born: Thu, Feb 16 1933 - Mon, Aug 18 1997
years old
Poster of The Canterville Ghost
The Canterville Ghost
Don Knight was:
Played: Mr. Smythe
Tue, Jan 01 1985
Poster of Swamp Thing
Swamp Thing
Don Knight was:
Played: Ritter
Fri, Feb 19 1982
Poster of The Secret War of Jackie's Girls
The Secret War of Jackie's Girls
Don Knight was:
Played: Sgt. McPherson
Sat, Nov 29 1980
Poster of The Kids Who Knew Too Much
The Kids Who Knew Too Much
Don Knight was:
Played: Prescott
Tue, Apr 29 1980
Poster of Code Name: Diamond Head
Code Name: Diamond Head
Don Knight was:
Played: H.K. Muldoon
Tue, May 03 1977
Poster of Treasure of Matecumbe
Treasure of Matecumbe
Don Knight was:
Played: Skaggs
Thu, Jul 01 1976
Poster of The Apple Dumpling Gang
The Apple Dumpling Gang
Don Knight was:
Played: John Wintle
Tue, Jul 01 1975
Poster of Death in Space
Death in Space
Don Knight was:
Played: Dr. King
Mon, Jun 17 1974
Poster of The Birdmen
The Birdmen
Don Knight was:
Played: Focus Flaherty
Thu, Nov 08 1973
Poster of Trader Horn
Trader Horn
Don Knight was:
Played: Colonel Sinclair
Fri, Jun 01 1973
Poster of Murdock's Gang
Murdock's Gang
Don Knight was:
Played: Glenn Dixon
Tue, Mar 20 1973
Poster of Hitched
Don Knight was:
Played: Reece
Wed, Mar 31 1971
Poster of The Hawaiians
The Hawaiians
Don Knight was:
Played: Milton Overpeck
Wed, Jun 17 1970
Poster of Too Late the Hero
Too Late the Hero
Don Knight was:
Played: Pvt. Connolly
Wed, May 20 1970
Poster of The Hell with Heroes
The Hell with Heroes
Don Knight was:
Played: Pepper
Wed, Aug 28 1968
Poster of Kill a Dragon
Kill a Dragon
Don Knight was:
Played: Ian
Wed, Dec 06 1967
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