Portrait of David Wall

David Wall

Born: Thu, Feb 03 1870
Birthplace: Cobourg, Ontario, Canada

Death: Wed, Jun 01 1938
David Wall is 68 years old
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Movies (Acting Roles)

Poster of The Yellow Menace
The Yellow Menace
David Wall was
46 in The Yellow Menace
as 'J.D. Bronson ('.
Mon, Sep 04 1916
Poster of Garden of Lies
Garden of Lies
David Wall was
45 in Garden of Lies
as 'Dr. Mackenzie'.
Mon, Jul 12 1915
Poster of Four Feathers
Four Feathers
David Wall was
45 in Four Feathers
as ''.
Mon, May 24 1915
Poster of Prohibition
David Wall was
44 in Prohibition
as ''.
Fri, Jan 01 1915
Poster of A Lady of Quality
A Lady of Quality
David Wall was
43 in A Lady of Quality
as 'Lord Eldershawe'.
Sat, Dec 27 1913
Poster of In the Bishop's Carriage
In the Bishop's Carriage
David Wall was
43 in In the Bishop's Carriage
as 'Joe Dugan, Tom Dorgan'.
Wed, Sep 10 1913

TV Shows (Acting Roles)

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