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Portrait of Dan Patrick

Dan Patrick

Born: Tue, May 15 1956
years old
Poster of Hustle
Dan Patrick was:
Played: Dan Patrick
Fri, Jun 03 2022
Poster of Home Team
Home Team
Dan Patrick was:
Played: Self
Fri, Jan 28 2022
Poster of Biography: “Stone Cold” Steve Austin
Biography: “Stone Cold” Steve Austin
Dan Patrick was:
Played: Self
Sun, Apr 18 2021
Poster of Hubie Halloween
Hubie Halloween
Dan Patrick was:
Played: School Principle
Wed, Oct 07 2020
Poster of The Week Of
The Week Of
Dan Patrick was:
Played: Manager
Fri, Apr 27 2018
Poster of The Do-Over
The Do-Over
Dan Patrick was:
Played: Auto Store Lou
Fri, May 27 2016
Poster of The Ridiculous 6
The Ridiculous 6
Dan Patrick was:
Played: Abraham Lincoln
Fri, Dec 11 2015
Poster of Pixels
Dan Patrick was:
Played: White House Reporter #1
Thu, Jul 16 2015
Poster of Blended
Dan Patrick was:
Played: Dick
Wed, May 21 2014
Poster of Grown Ups 2
Grown Ups 2
Dan Patrick was:
Played: Gym Teacher
Thu, Jul 11 2013
Poster of That's My Boy
That's My Boy
Dan Patrick was:
Played: Randall Morgan
Thu, Jun 14 2012
Poster of Jack and Jill
Jack and Jill
Dan Patrick was:
Played: Dan Patrick
Fri, Nov 11 2011
Poster of Just Go with It
Just Go with It
Dan Patrick was:
Played: Tanner Patrick
Thu, Feb 10 2011
Poster of Grown Ups
Grown Ups
Dan Patrick was:
Played: Norby The Ride Guy
Thu, Jun 24 2010
Poster of The House Bunny
The House Bunny
Dan Patrick was:
Played: Cop
Fri, Aug 22 2008
Poster of I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry
I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry
Dan Patrick was:
Played: NY Cop
Thu, Jul 12 2007
Poster of The Benchwarmers
The Benchwarmers
Dan Patrick was:
Played: Poker Guy #2 A.K.A. O'Malley
Fri, Apr 07 2006
Poster of The Longest Yard
The Longest Yard
Dan Patrick was:
Played: Officer Jack Pugh
Fri, May 27 2005
Poster of The Waterboy
The Waterboy
Dan Patrick was:
Played: Himself
Fri, Nov 06 1998
Poster of BASEketball
Dan Patrick was:
Played: Dan Patrick
Tue, Jul 28 1998
Poster of The Definite Maybe
The Definite Maybe
Dan Patrick was:
Played: Himself
Fri, Jul 04 1997
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