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Portrait of Cylk Cozart

Cylk Cozart

Born: Fri, Feb 01 1957
years old
Poster of Drama Drama
Drama Drama
Cylk Cozart was:
Played: Mr. Trewgy
Sat, Oct 12 2019
Poster of The 3
The 3
Cylk Cozart was:
Played: Pastor Reichart
Thu, Aug 01 2019
Poster of Eagle Eye
Eagle Eye
Cylk Cozart was:
Played: Sectran Courier
Thu, Sep 25 2008
Poster of 16 Blocks
16 Blocks
Cylk Cozart was:
Played: Jimmy Mulvey
Wed, Mar 01 2006
Poster of Play It to the Bone
Play It to the Bone
Cylk Cozart was:
Played: Rudy
Sat, Dec 25 1999
Poster of Three to Tango
Three to Tango
Cylk Cozart was:
Played: Kevin Cartwright
Fri, Oct 22 1999
Poster of Johnny Tsunami
Johnny Tsunami
Cylk Cozart was:
Played: Sgt. Sterling
Sat, Jul 24 1999
Poster of Conspiracy Theory
Conspiracy Theory
Cylk Cozart was:
Played: Agent Lowry
Fri, Aug 08 1997
Poster of Reggie's Prayer
Reggie's Prayer
Cylk Cozart was:
Played: Coach Bobby Fess
Thu, Aug 01 1996
Poster of Second Chance
Second Chance
Cylk Cozart was:
Played: Brad
Fri, Jul 12 1996
Poster of Eraser
Cylk Cozart was:
Played: Darryl
Fri, Jun 21 1996
Poster of Slam Dunk Ernest
Slam Dunk Ernest
Cylk Cozart was:
Played: Barry
Tue, Jun 20 1995
Poster of Love Affair
Love Affair
Cylk Cozart was:
Played: Dr. Punch
Fri, Oct 21 1994
Poster of Blue Chips
Blue Chips
Cylk Cozart was:
Played: Slick
Fri, Feb 18 1994
Poster of In the Line of Fire
In the Line of Fire
Cylk Cozart was:
Played: Agent Cozart
Thu, Jul 08 1993
Poster of White Men Can't Jump
White Men Can't Jump
Cylk Cozart was:
Played: Robert
Thu, Mar 26 1992
Poster of Dead On: Relentless II
Dead On: Relentless II
Cylk Cozart was:
Played: Detective at Precinct
Wed, Feb 26 1992
Poster of Hot Shots!
Hot Shots!
Cylk Cozart was:
Played: Drill Sergeant #1
Wed, Jul 31 1991
Poster of Fire Birds
Fire Birds
Cylk Cozart was:
Played: Dewar Proctor
Fri, May 25 1990
Poster of Hell High
Hell High
Cylk Cozart was:
Played: Wide Receiver
Fri, May 12 1989
Poster of School Daze
School Daze
Cylk Cozart was:
Played: Dr. Feelgood
Fri, Feb 12 1988
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