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Portrait of Conrad Janis

Conrad Janis

Born: Sat, Feb 11 1928
years old
Poster of Bad Blood... the Hunger
Bad Blood... the Hunger
Conrad Janis was:
Played: Lawrence
Fri, Oct 26 2012
Poster of Maneater
Conrad Janis was:
Played: Doc Gramm
Fri, Oct 30 2009
Poster of Addams Family Reunion
Addams Family Reunion
Conrad Janis was:
Played: Hotel Bar Patron
Thu, Dec 24 1998
Poster of The Rockford Files: Shoot-Out at the Golden Pagoda
The Rockford Files: Shoot-Out at the Golden Pagoda
Conrad Janis was:
Played: Harvey
Fri, Nov 21 1997
Poster of The Feminine Touch
The Feminine Touch
Conrad Janis was:
Played: Frank Donaldsonn
Sun, Jan 01 1995
Poster of Crazy Hong Kong
Crazy Hong Kong
Conrad Janis was:
Played: Jack
Sat, Jul 10 1993
Poster of Mr. Saturday Night
Mr. Saturday Night
Conrad Janis was:
Played: Director
Wed, Sep 23 1992
Poster of Sonny Boy
Sonny Boy
Conrad Janis was:
Played: Doc Bender
Wed, Mar 22 1989
Poster of Nothing in Common
Nothing in Common
Conrad Janis was:
Played: Self
Tue, Jul 29 1986
Poster of The Red-Light Sting
The Red-Light Sting
Conrad Janis was:
Played: Bowman
Mon, Mar 05 1984
Poster of Oh, God! Book II
Oh, God! Book II
Conrad Janis was:
Played: Charles Benson, School Principal
Fri, Oct 03 1980
Poster of The Gossip Columnist
The Gossip Columnist
Conrad Janis was:
Played: Ivan Bock
Fri, Mar 21 1980
Poster of The Buddy Holly Story
The Buddy Holly Story
Conrad Janis was:
Played: Ross Turner
Thu, May 18 1978
Poster of Roseland
Conrad Janis was:
Played: George
Sun, Oct 02 1977
Poster of The Magnificent Magical Magnet of Santa Mesa
The Magnificent Magical Magnet of Santa Mesa
Conrad Janis was:
Played: Mr Kreel
Sun, Jun 19 1977
Poster of The Duchess and the Dirtwater Fox
The Duchess and the Dirtwater Fox
Conrad Janis was:
Played: Gladstone (Widdicombe's assistant)
Thu, Apr 01 1976
Poster of The Happy Hooker
The Happy Hooker
Conrad Janis was:
Played: Fred
Thu, May 08 1975
Poster of Virginia Hill
Virginia Hill
Conrad Janis was:
Played: Halley
Tue, Nov 19 1974
Poster of Airport 1975
Airport 1975
Conrad Janis was:
Played: Arnie
Fri, Oct 18 1974
Poster of Miracle on 34th Street
Miracle on 34th Street
Conrad Janis was:
Played: Dr. Pierce
Fri, Dec 14 1973
Poster of Let's Rock!
Let's Rock!
Conrad Janis was:
Played: Charlie
Wed, Oct 29 1958
Poster of Beyond Glory
Beyond Glory
Conrad Janis was:
Played: Raymond Denmore, Jr.
Tue, Aug 03 1948
Poster of That Hagen Girl
That Hagen Girl
Conrad Janis was:
Played: Dewey Koons
Sat, Nov 01 1947
Poster of The Brasher Doubloon
The Brasher Doubloon
Conrad Janis was:
Played: Leslie Murdock
Thu, Feb 06 1947
Poster of Margie
Conrad Janis was:
Played: Johnny 'Johnikins' Green
Tue, Oct 15 1946
Poster of Segal
Conrad Janis will be:
Played: Himself
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