Portrait of Choi Jae-sup

Choi Jae-sup

Born: Sun, Sep 30 1973
Choi Jae-sup is 50 years old
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Movies (Acting Roles)

Poster of Don't Buy the Seller
Don't Buy the Seller
Choi Jae-sup was
49 in Don't Buy the Seller
as 'Worker'.
Wed, Aug 30 2023
Poster of The Season of Undies
The Season of Undies
Choi Jae-sup was
49 in The Season of Undies
as 'Tae Gi Ho'.
Wed, Dec 14 2022
Poster of In Our Prime
In Our Prime
Choi Jae-sup was
48 in In Our Prime
as 'Hanbok Teacher'.
Fri, Mar 18 2022
Poster of Don't Go Too Far
Don't Go Too Far
Choi Jae-sup was
47 in Don't Go Too Far
as 'Park Hyeon-jin'.
Thu, Mar 04 2021
Poster of Forbidden Dream
Forbidden Dream
Choi Jae-sup was
46 in Forbidden Dream
as 'Yun Sa-wung'.
Thu, Dec 26 2019
Poster of Trap: Director's Cut
Trap: Director's Cut
Choi Jae-sup was
45 in Trap: Director's Cut
as 'Reporter Go'.
Thu, Jun 27 2019
Poster of A Taxi Driver
A Taxi Driver
Choi Jae-sup was
43 in A Taxi Driver
as 'Delivery Driver'.
Wed, Aug 02 2017
Poster of Ode to My Father
Ode to My Father
Choi Jae-sup was
41 in Ode to My Father
as 'Korean Mine Worker'.
Wed, Dec 17 2014
Poster of Head
Choi Jae-sup was
37 in Head
as 'Teaching Assistant Lim Hee-cheol'.
Thu, May 26 2011
Poster of Tazza: The High Rollers
Tazza: The High Rollers
Choi Jae-sup was
32 in Tazza: The High Rollers
as 'Jin-seop'.
Thu, Sep 28 2006
Poster of The Host
The Host
Choi Jae-sup was
32 in The Host
as 'Detective Agency Subordinate 1 (uncredited)'.
Thu, Jul 27 2006

TV Shows (Acting Roles)

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Poster of Squid Game
Squid Game
Choi Jae-sup was
47+ in Squid Game
as 'North Korean defector shelter employee'.
First Air Date
Fri, Sep 17 2021
Poster of Her Private Life
Her Private Life
Choi Jae-sup was
45+ in Her Private Life
as 'Duk Mi imagining autopsy'.
First Air Date
Wed, Apr 10 2019
Poster of Trap
Choi Jae-sup was
45+ in Trap
as 'Reporter Go'.
First Air Date
Sat, Feb 09 2019
Poster of Witch's Love
Witch's Love
Choi Jae-sup was
44+ in Witch's Love
as 'Kim Dong-Soo'.
First Air Date
Wed, Jul 25 2018
Poster of KBS Drama Special
KBS Drama Special
Choi Jae-sup was
36+ in KBS Drama Special
as 'Tae Gi-ho'.
First Air Date
Sat, May 15 2010