Portrait of Charley Paterson

Charley Paterson

Born: Unknown birthdate.
Charley Paterson is ?
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Poster of Blue Call
Blue Call
Charley Paterson was
? in Blue Call
as 'Detective Conway'.
Tue, May 04 2021
Poster of The Sin of Anna Lans
The Sin of Anna Lans
Charley Paterson was
? in The Sin of Anna Lans
as 'Anton Herlén'.
Fri, Aug 20 1943
Poster of Man glömmer ingenting
Man glömmer ingenting
Charley Paterson was
? in Man glömmer ingenting
as 'Magistrate (uncredited)'.
Wed, Dec 16 1942
Poster of Kiss Her!
Kiss Her!
Charley Paterson was
? in Kiss Her!
as 'Manager Landell (uncredited)'.
Fri, May 17 1940
Poster of June Night
June Night
Charley Paterson was
? in June Night
as 'Judge'.
Wed, Apr 03 1940
Poster of Adolf klarar skivan
Adolf klarar skivan
Charley Paterson was
? in Adolf klarar skivan
as 'Sirius Jansson'.
Sat, Jan 01 1938
Poster of Lyckliga Vestköping
Lyckliga Vestköping
Charley Paterson was
? in Lyckliga Vestköping
as 'Mayor'.
Fri, Aug 20 1937

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