Portrait of Charlene Dallas

Charlene Dallas

Bio: Charlene Diane Dallas (born April 13, 1947) is a former beauty queen contestant who was Miss California in 1966 and first runner-up to Miss America in 1967. Dallas is from Danville in Contra Costa County, California
Born: Sun, Apr 13 1947
Birthplace: California, USA
Charlene Dallas is 76 years old
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Movies (Acting Roles)

Poster of Criminal Act
Criminal Act
Charlene Dallas was
42 in Criminal Act
as 'Sharon Fields'.
Wed, Sep 27 1989
Poster of The Great Bank Hoax
The Great Bank Hoax
Charlene Dallas was
31 in The Great Bank Hoax
as 'Cathy Bonano'.
Wed, Nov 01 1978
Poster of Rancho Deluxe
Rancho Deluxe
Charlene Dallas was
27 in Rancho Deluxe
as 'Laura Beige'.
Fri, Mar 14 1975
Poster of Cops and Robbers
Cops and Robbers
Charlene Dallas was
26 in Cops and Robbers
as 'Secretary'.
Wed, Aug 15 1973

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