Portrait of Bob Jesser

Bob Jesser

Bio: Bob Jesser was born in Chicago, Illinois, USA. He is an actor and producer, known for Midnight, Texas (2017), Get Shorty (2017) and Gold (2016)
Born: Unknown birthdate.
Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois, USA
Bob Jesser is ?
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Movies (Acting Roles)

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Poster of Gold
Bob Jesser was
? in Gold
as 'Angry Investor #1 - Harrah's'.
Wed, Feb 03 2016
Poster of A Million Ways to Die in the West
A Million Ways to Die in the West
Bob Jesser was
? in A Million Ways to Die in the West
as 'Cowboy at Table'.
Thu, May 22 2014
Poster of Lemonade Mouth
Lemonade Mouth
Bob Jesser was
? in Lemonade Mouth
as 'Wen's Dad'.
Fri, Apr 15 2011
Poster of An American Reunion
An American Reunion
Bob Jesser was
? in An American Reunion
as 'Benny Schwartz'.
Wed, Jan 01 2003

TV Shows (Acting Roles)

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Poster of Interrogation
Bob Jesser was
? in Interrogation
as 'Judge Smith'.
First Air Date
Wed, Feb 05 2020
Poster of Roswell, New Mexico
Roswell, New Mexico
Bob Jesser was
? in Roswell, New Mexico
as 'Lt. Greg Hansen'.
First Air Date
Tue, Jan 15 2019
Poster of Get Shorty
Get Shorty
Bob Jesser was
? in Get Shorty
as 'Walon'.
First Air Date
Sun, Aug 13 2017
Poster of Midnight, Texas
Midnight, Texas
Bob Jesser was
? in Midnight, Texas
as 'Shawn Lovell'.
First Air Date
Mon, Jul 24 2017
Poster of Better Call Saul
Better Call Saul
Bob Jesser was
? in Better Call Saul
as 'George Castellano'.
First Air Date
Sun, Feb 08 2015
Poster of Chicago Fire
Chicago Fire
Bob Jesser was
? in Chicago Fire
as 'Rivera'.
First Air Date
Wed, Oct 10 2012
Poster of Longmire
Bob Jesser was
? in Longmire
as 'Lumber Executive'.
First Air Date
Sun, Jun 03 2012
Poster of Blue Bloods
Blue Bloods
Bob Jesser was
? in Blue Bloods
as 'Office Manager'.
First Air Date
Fri, Sep 24 2010
Poster of The Good Wife
The Good Wife
Bob Jesser was
? in The Good Wife
as 'Security Guard'.
First Air Date
Tue, Sep 22 2009
Poster of Criminal Minds
Criminal Minds
Bob Jesser was
? in Criminal Minds
as 'Professor Ralph Wallace'.
First Air Date
Thu, Sep 22 2005
Poster of Wildfire
Bob Jesser was
? in Wildfire
as 'Freddy'.
First Air Date
Mon, Jun 20 2005
Poster of Monk
Bob Jesser was
? in Monk
as 'Armored Car Driver'.
First Air Date
Fri, Jul 12 2002
Poster of Angel
Bob Jesser was
? in Angel
as 'Torto Demon'.
First Air Date
Tue, Oct 05 1999
Poster of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Bob Jesser was
? in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
as 'Glenn Butler'.
First Air Date
Mon, Sep 20 1999
Poster of Diagnosis: Murder
Diagnosis: Murder
Bob Jesser was
? in Diagnosis: Murder
as 'Phil'.
First Air Date
Fri, Oct 29 1993