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Bellamy Young

Bellamy Young

Born: Thu, Feb 19 1970
years old
Superman: Man of Tomorrow
Bellamy Young was:
Played: Martha Kent (voice)
Sun, Aug 23 2020
Love & Debt
Bellamy Young was:
Played: Karen Warner
Sat, Sep 21 2019
A Wrinkle in Time
Bellamy Young was:
Played: Camazotz Woman
Thu, Mar 08 2018
Bernard and Huey
Bellamy Young was:
Played: Aggie
Tue, Jan 23 2018
The Night Stalker
Bellamy Young was:
Played: Kit
Fri, Jul 01 2016
Day Out of Days
Bellamy Young was:
Played: Rebecca
Sun, Jun 14 2015
The Cottage
Bellamy Young was:
Played: Annie
Mon, Dec 10 2012
Joint Body
Bellamy Young was:
Played: Jane Chapman
Fri, Apr 29 2011
The Freebie
Bellamy Young was:
Played: Jessica
Fri, Sep 17 2010
In My Sleep
Bellamy Young was:
Played: Olivia
Fri, Apr 23 2010
Mask of the Ninja
Bellamy Young was:
Played: Gina
Sat, Apr 26 2008
One, Two, Many
Bellamy Young was:
Played: Jennifer
Thu, Apr 10 2008
Trust Me
Bellamy Young was:
Played: Carrie
Fri, Jun 08 2007
Country Remedy
Bellamy Young was:
Played: Terry Hudson
Fri, Feb 02 2007
Mission: Impossible III
Bellamy Young was:
Played: Rachael
Wed, May 03 2006
Mystery Woman: Vision of a Murder
Bellamy Young was:
Played: Tina Moore
Sun, Jun 05 2005
We Were Soldiers
Bellamy Young was:
Played: Catherine Metsker
Fri, Mar 01 2002
Black and White
Bellamy Young was:
Played: Bellamy (uncredited)
Sat, Sep 04 1999
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