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Portrait of Beeson Carroll

Beeson Carroll

Born: Fri, Sep 21 1934 - Thu, Mar 15 2018
years old
Poster of Rounders
Beeson Carroll was:
Played: Judge Kaplan
Fri, Sep 11 1998
Poster of Crimes of the Heart
Crimes of the Heart
Beeson Carroll was:
Played: Zackery Botrelle
Fri, Dec 12 1986
Poster of Too Scared to Scream
Too Scared to Scream
Beeson Carroll was:
Played: Barry Moyer
Fri, Jan 04 1985
Poster of Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone
Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone
Beeson Carroll was:
Played: Grandman Patterson
Fri, May 20 1983
Poster of Somebody Killed Her Husband
Somebody Killed Her Husband
Beeson Carroll was:
Played: Frank Danziger
Fri, Sep 29 1978
Poster of Coming Home
Coming Home
Beeson Carroll was:
Played: Capt. Earl Delise
Wed, Feb 15 1978
Poster of Bound for Glory
Bound for Glory
Beeson Carroll was:
Played: Collister
Sun, Dec 05 1976
Poster of The UFO Incident
The UFO Incident
Beeson Carroll was:
Played: Lt. Colonel Jack MacRainey
Mon, Oct 20 1975
Poster of The Family Nobody Wanted
The Family Nobody Wanted
Beeson Carroll was:
Played: James Collins
Wed, Feb 19 1975
Poster of The Werewolf of Washington
The Werewolf of Washington
Beeson Carroll was:
Played: Commander Salmon
Mon, Oct 01 1973
Poster of Shamus
Beeson Carroll was:
Played: John Bolton
Wed, Jan 31 1973
Poster of Lady Liberty
Lady Liberty
Beeson Carroll was:
Played: Dominic Perlino
Wed, Dec 22 1971
Poster of Bananas
Beeson Carroll was:
Played: FBI Security
Wed, Apr 28 1971
Poster of Mister Buddwing
Mister Buddwing
Beeson Carroll was:
Played: Policeman
Fri, Jul 15 1966
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