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Portrait of Barbara Garrick

Barbara Garrick

Born: Fri, Dec 03 1965
years old
Poster of You're Killing Me Susana
You're Killing Me Susana
Barbara Garrick was:
Thu, Aug 25 2016
Poster of That Awkward Moment
That Awkward Moment
Barbara Garrick was:
Played: Chelsea's Mom
Wed, Jan 29 2014
Poster of Blue Jasmine
Blue Jasmine
Barbara Garrick was:
Played: Hal and Jasmine's Friend
Thu, Aug 01 2013
Poster of The Devil You Know
The Devil You Know
Barbara Garrick was:
Played: Joan Stone
Tue, Jul 09 2013
Poster of Jumper
Barbara Garrick was:
Played: Ellen
Wed, Feb 13 2008
Poster of The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond
The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond
Barbara Garrick was:
Played: Mrs. Dobyne
Tue, Jan 01 2008
Poster of Brooklyn Lobster
Brooklyn Lobster
Barbara Garrick was:
Played: Lynn Miller
Fri, Nov 04 2005
Poster of Far from Heaven
Far from Heaven
Barbara Garrick was:
Played: Doreen
Mon, Sep 02 2002
Poster of Pollock
Barbara Garrick was:
Played: Betty Parsons
Wed, Sep 06 2000
Poster of Ellen Foster
Ellen Foster
Barbara Garrick was:
Played: Aunt Betsy
Sun, Dec 14 1997
Poster of The Ice Storm
The Ice Storm
Barbara Garrick was:
Played: Weather Reporter
Wed, Feb 05 1997
Poster of A Couch in New York
A Couch in New York
Barbara Garrick was:
Played: Lizbeth Honeywell
Wed, Feb 21 1996
Poster of Miami Rhapsody
Miami Rhapsody
Barbara Garrick was:
Played: Terri
Fri, Jan 27 1995
Poster of Normandy: The Great Crusade
Normandy: The Great Crusade
Barbara Garrick was:
Played: Karla King (voice)
Sat, Jan 01 1994
Poster of Dottie Gets Spanked
Dottie Gets Spanked
Barbara Garrick was:
Played: Lorraine Gale
Fri, Sep 17 1993
Poster of The Firm
The Firm
Barbara Garrick was:
Played: Kay Quinn
Wed, Jun 30 1993
Poster of Sleepless in Seattle
Sleepless in Seattle
Barbara Garrick was:
Played: Victoria
Thu, Jun 24 1993
Poster of Postcards from the Edge
Postcards from the Edge
Barbara Garrick was:
Played: Carol
Fri, Sep 14 1990
Poster of Days of Thunder
Days of Thunder
Barbara Garrick was:
Played: Lauren Daland
Wed, Jun 27 1990
Poster of Kojak: It's Always Something
Kojak: It's Always Something
Barbara Garrick was:
Played: Stacy Wainwright
Wed, Jan 31 1990
Poster of Working Girl
Working Girl
Barbara Garrick was:
Played: Phyllis Trask
Tue, Dec 20 1988
Poster of Eight Men Out
Eight Men Out
Barbara Garrick was:
Played: Helen Weaver
Fri, Sep 02 1988
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