Portrait of Ashraf Barhom

Ashraf Barhom

Born: Mon, Jan 08 1979
Birthplace: Tarshiha, Palestine
Ashraf Barhom is 45 years old
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Movies (Acting Roles)

Poster of Exodus
Ashraf Barhom was
44 in Exodus
as 'Sam'.
Fri, Mar 10 2023
Poster of Farha
Ashraf Barhom was
42 in Farha
as 'Abu Farha'.
Tue, Sep 14 2021
Poster of The Stranger
The Stranger
Ashraf Barhom was
42 in The Stranger
as 'Adnan'.
Mon, Sep 06 2021
Poster of The Parrot
The Parrot
Ashraf Barhom was
37 in The Parrot
as 'Mousa'.
Sat, Dec 10 2016
Poster of The Idol
The Idol
Ashraf Barhom was
37 in The Idol
as 'Smuggler'.
Thu, Jan 21 2016
Poster of The Curve
The Curve
Ashraf Barhom was
36 in The Curve
as 'Radi'.
Thu, Dec 10 2015
Poster of The Savior
The Savior
Ashraf Barhom was
35 in The Savior
as 'Judas Iscariot'.
Sat, Mar 29 2014
Poster of 300: Rise of an Empire
300: Rise of an Empire
Ashraf Barhom was
35 in 300: Rise of an Empire
as 'General Bandari'.
Wed, Mar 05 2014
Poster of Inheritance
Ashraf Barhom was
33 in Inheritance
as 'Marwan'.
Wed, Dec 12 2012
Poster of Zaytoun
Ashraf Barhom was
33 in Zaytoun
as 'Lead PLO Fighter'.
Sun, Oct 14 2012
Poster of Coriolanus
Ashraf Barhom was
32 in Coriolanus
as 'Second Citizen (Cassius)'.
Mon, Feb 14 2011
Poster of Clash of the Titans
Clash of the Titans
Ashraf Barhom was
31 in Clash of the Titans
as 'Ozal'.
Fri, Mar 26 2010
Poster of Lebanon
Ashraf Barhom was
30 in Lebanon
as '1st Phalangist'.
Thu, Sep 24 2009
Poster of Agora
Ashraf Barhom was
30 in Agora
as 'Ammonius'.
Sun, May 17 2009
Poster of The Kingdom
The Kingdom
Ashraf Barhom was
28 in The Kingdom
as 'Colonel Faris Al Ghazi'.
Wed, Aug 22 2007
Poster of Paradise Now
Paradise Now
Ashraf Barhom was
26 in Paradise Now
as 'Abu Karem'.
Wed, Sep 07 2005
Poster of The Syrian Bride
The Syrian Bride
Ashraf Barhom was
25 in The Syrian Bride
as 'Marwan'.
Thu, Nov 11 2004
Poster of Passing Dreams
Passing Dreams
Ashraf Barhom will be
45+ in Passing Dreams
as 'Kamal'.

TV Shows (Acting Roles)

Ages in TV shows are based off the first air date and may not be accurate. View individual episode details for accurate ages
Poster of Tyrant
Ashraf Barhom was
35+ in Tyrant
as 'Jamal Al Fayeed'.
First Air Date
Tue, Jun 24 2014
Poster of By Any Means
By Any Means
Ashraf Barhom was
34+ in By Any Means
as 'Ahmed'.
First Air Date
Sun, Sep 22 2013