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Portrait of Anton Rodgers

Anton Rodgers

Born: Tue, Jan 10 1933 - Sat, Dec 01 2007
years old
Poster of You Can Choose Your Friends
You Can Choose Your Friends
Anton Rodgers was:
Played: Ken Snell
Thu, Jun 07 2007
Poster of Go Go Tales
Go Go Tales
Anton Rodgers was:
Played: Barfly
Wed, May 23 2007
Poster of Longford
Anton Rodgers was:
Played: Willie Whitelaw
Thu, Oct 26 2006
Poster of The Last Drop
The Last Drop
Anton Rodgers was:
Played: Churchill
Thu, Apr 13 2006
Poster of C.S. Lewis: Beyond Narnia
C.S. Lewis: Beyond Narnia
Anton Rodgers was:
Played: C.S. Lewis
Fri, Dec 09 2005
Poster of The Merchant of Venice
The Merchant of Venice
Anton Rodgers was:
Played: The Duke
Fri, Dec 03 2004
Poster of Secret Passage
Secret Passage
Anton Rodgers was:
Played: Foscari
Thu, Jan 01 2004
Poster of Son of the Pink Panther
Son of the Pink Panther
Anton Rodgers was:
Played: Police Chief Charles Lazar
Fri, Aug 27 1993
Poster of After the Dance
After the Dance
Anton Rodgers was:
Played: David Scott-Fowler
Sat, Dec 05 1992
Poster of Impromptu
Anton Rodgers was:
Played: Duke D'Antan
Fri, Apr 12 1991
Poster of After the War
After the War
Anton Rodgers was:
Played: Samuel Jordan
Mon, May 15 1989
Poster of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
Anton Rodgers was:
Played: Inspector Andre
Wed, Dec 14 1988
Poster of The Fourth Protocol
The Fourth Protocol
Anton Rodgers was:
Played: George Berenson
Tue, Feb 24 1987
Poster of Murder with Mirrors
Murder with Mirrors
Anton Rodgers was:
Played: Dr. Max Hargrove
Wed, Feb 20 1985
Poster of Coming Out
Coming Out
Anton Rodgers was:
Played: Lewis Duncan/Zippy Grimes
Tue, Apr 10 1979
Poster of East of Elephant Rock
East of Elephant Rock
Anton Rodgers was:
Played: Mackintosh
Sat, Oct 22 1977
Poster of The Day of the Jackal
The Day of the Jackal
Anton Rodgers was:
Played: Jules Bernard
Tue, May 15 1973
Poster of The Left Overs
The Left Overs
Anton Rodgers was:
Played: Mike
Tue, Aug 22 1972
Poster of Scrooge
Anton Rodgers was:
Played: Tom Jenkins
Thu, Nov 05 1970
Poster of The Man Who Haunted Himself
The Man Who Haunted Himself
Anton Rodgers was:
Played: Tony Alexander
Thu, Sep 17 1970
Poster of Where Eagles Dare
Where Eagles Dare
Anton Rodgers was:
Wed, Dec 04 1968
Poster of Jamie, on a Flying Visit
Jamie, on a Flying Visit
Anton Rodgers was:
Tue, Jan 02 1968
Poster of Rotten to the Core
Rotten to the Core
Anton Rodgers was:
Played: The Duke
Wed, Jul 14 1965
Poster of Carry On Jack
Carry On Jack
Anton Rodgers was:
Played: Hardy
Fri, Nov 01 1963
Poster of The Iron Maiden
The Iron Maiden
Anton Rodgers was:
Played: Concierge
Fri, Jun 07 1963
Poster of This Sporting Life
This Sporting Life
Anton Rodgers was:
Played: Restaurant Customer (uncredited)
Thu, Feb 07 1963
Poster of Carry On Cruising
Carry On Cruising
Anton Rodgers was:
Played: Young Man
Mon, Mar 12 1962
Poster of Part-Time Wife
Part-Time Wife
Anton Rodgers was:
Played: Tom Briggs
Tue, Dec 05 1961
Poster of Petticoat Pirates
Petticoat Pirates
Anton Rodgers was:
Played: Alec
Wed, Nov 01 1961
Poster of On the Fiddle
On the Fiddle
Anton Rodgers was:
Played: Soldier in Canteen (Uncredited)
Tue, Oct 10 1961
Poster of The Spider's Web
The Spider's Web
Anton Rodgers was:
Played: Sgt. Jones
Tue, Nov 01 1960
Poster of Crash Drive
Crash Drive
Anton Rodgers was:
Played: Tomson
Fri, Nov 13 1959
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