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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Portrait of Angela Thorne

Angela Thorne

Born: Wed, Jan 25 1939
years old
Poster of Silent Hours
Silent Hours
Angela Thorne was:
Played: Mrs. Garvie
Wed, Sep 01 2021
Poster of Lassie
Angela Thorne was:
Played: Dr. Gull
Fri, Dec 16 2005
Poster of Bright Young Things
Bright Young Things
Angela Thorne was:
Played: Kitty Blackwater
Fri, Oct 03 2003
Poster of Cold Comfort Farm
Cold Comfort Farm
Angela Thorne was:
Played: Mrs. Hawk-Monitor
Sun, Jan 01 1995
Poster of The BFG
Angela Thorne was:
Played: Elizabeth II (voice)
Mon, Dec 25 1989
Poster of The Lady's Not For Burning
The Lady's Not For Burning
Angela Thorne was:
Played: Margaret Devize
Thu, Jan 01 1987
Poster of Paying Guests (Part 2)
Paying Guests (Part 2)
Angela Thorne was:
Played: Miss Howard
Thu, Oct 02 1986
Poster of Paying Guests (Part 1)
Paying Guests (Part 1)
Angela Thorne was:
Played: Miss Howard
Wed, Oct 01 1986
Poster of Bullshot
Angela Thorne was:
Played: Hotel Manageress
Thu, Oct 27 1983
Poster of Anyone for Denis
Anyone for Denis
Angela Thorne was:
Played: Maggie
Tue, Dec 28 1982
Poster of ffolkes
Angela Thorne was:
Played: Woman on Train
Mon, Feb 18 1980
Poster of The Human Factor
The Human Factor
Angela Thorne was:
Played: Lady Mary Hargreaves
Tue, Dec 18 1979
Poster of Lady Oscar
Lady Oscar
Angela Thorne was:
Played: Mme Bertin, the Queen's Dressmaker
Sat, Mar 03 1979
Poster of The Rocking Horse Winner
The Rocking Horse Winner
Angela Thorne was:
Played: Mother
Sat, Jan 01 1977
Poster of Ballet Shoes
Ballet Shoes
Angela Thorne was:
Played: Sylvia Brown
Mon, Dec 27 1976
Poster of Poor Girl
Poor Girl
Angela Thorne was:
Played: Louise Wilson
Mon, Dec 30 1974
Poster of Oh! What a Lovely War
Oh! What a Lovely War
Angela Thorne was:
Played: Elizabeth May 'Betty' Smith
Mon, Mar 10 1969
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