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Alexia Landeau

Alexia Landeau

Born: Wed, Feb 12 1975
years old
Thirty Nine
Alexia Landeau was:
Played: Therapist
Sat, Jul 30 2016
Day Out of Days
Alexia Landeau was:
Played: Mia Roarke
Sun, Jun 14 2015
Kiss of the Damned
Alexia Landeau was:
Played: Emily
Wed, Nov 07 2012
2 Days in New York
Alexia Landeau was:
Played: Rose
Wed, Mar 28 2012
2 Days in Paris
Alexia Landeau was:
Played: Rose - Marion's Sister
Fri, Feb 09 2007
Marie Antoinette
Alexia Landeau was:
Played: Comtesse de la Londe
Wed, May 24 2006
Going Shopping
Alexia Landeau was:
Played: Shopper (as Aleksia Landau)
Fri, Sep 30 2005
Moonlight Mile
Alexia Landeau was:
Played: Cheryl
Mon, Sep 09 2002
Riding in Cars with Boys
Alexia Landeau was:
Played: Jenny
Fri, Oct 19 2001
Alexia Landeau was:
Played: Sasha
Fri, Apr 21 2000
Alexia Landeau was:
Played: Bianca Bodell
Fri, Jan 21 2000
Down to You
Alexia Landeau was:
Played: Cousin Maeva
Fri, Jan 21 2000
Men Make Women Crazy Theory
Alexia Landeau was:
Played: Chloe
Tue, Jan 11 2000
Kicking and Screaming
Alexia Landeau was:
Played: Nose Ring Girl
Fri, Oct 06 1995
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