Portrait of Aleksandr Tolstykh

Aleksandr Tolstykh

Born: Wed, Mar 14 1928
Birthplace: Zeya, Amurskaya oblast, RSFSR, USSR

Death: Sat, Jun 14 1997
Aleksandr Tolstykh is 69 years old
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Movies (Acting Roles)

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Poster of Smiles of Nechiporovka
Smiles of Nechiporovka
Aleksandr Tolstykh was
53 in Smiles of Nechiporovka
Fri, Jan 01 1982
Poster of He Foretells Victory
He Foretells Victory
Aleksandr Tolstykh was
51 in He Foretells Victory
Mon, Sep 03 1979
Poster of Natalka Poltavka
Natalka Poltavka
Aleksandr Tolstykh was
50 in Natalka Poltavka
as 'Matchmaker'.
Sun, Jul 02 1978
Poster of Escape from the Palace
Escape from the Palace
Aleksandr Tolstykh was
47 in Escape from the Palace
Fri, Jun 06 1975
Poster of Good luck!
Good luck!
Aleksandr Tolstykh was
46 in Good luck!
as 'Корж'.
Mon, Dec 16 1974
Poster of Party Secretary
Party Secretary
Aleksandr Tolstykh was
43 in Party Secretary
as 'Orlik'.
Tue, Mar 30 1971
Poster of The Tale of Malchish-Kibalchish
The Tale of Malchish-Kibalchish
Aleksandr Tolstykh was
37 in The Tale of Malchish-Kibalchish
as 'буржуин/буржуинский офицер/буржуинский солдат'.
Wed, Aug 25 1965
Poster of Gas Station Queen
Gas Station Queen
Aleksandr Tolstykh was
34 in Gas Station Queen
Mon, Feb 18 1963
Poster of Among Good People
Among Good People
Aleksandr Tolstykh was
34 in Among Good People
as 'пленный'.
Thu, Nov 22 1962
Poster of My Son is Somewhere
My Son is Somewhere
Aleksandr Tolstykh was
34 in My Son is Somewhere
as 'Lyosha'.
Sun, Nov 11 1962
Poster of The Golden Echelon
The Golden Echelon
Aleksandr Tolstykh was
31 in The Golden Echelon
as 'Krutikov'.
Wed, Nov 04 1959
Poster of Kiev Resident
Kiev Resident
Aleksandr Tolstykh was
30 in Kiev Resident
as 'Тарас Арбузов'.
Mon, Nov 03 1958
Poster of Shine, My Star
Shine, My Star
Aleksandr Tolstykh was
30 in Shine, My Star
as 'Petya'.
Mon, Apr 14 1958
Poster of They Were the First
They Were the First
Aleksandr Tolstykh was
28 in They Were the First
Tue, May 15 1956
Poster of The Return of Vasili Bortnikov
The Return of Vasili Bortnikov
Aleksandr Tolstykh was
25 in The Return of Vasili Bortnikov
as 'Extra'.
Wed, Apr 01 1953

TV Shows (Acting Roles)

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Poster of Old Fortress
Old Fortress
Aleksandr Tolstykh was
46+ in Old Fortress
as 'Кияница (1-3 серии)'.
First Air Date
Tue, Apr 23 1974