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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in



Release Date: 1948-04-06 (73 years ago)
Glynis Johns
Miranda Trewella
Glynis Johns was:
Googie Withers
Clare Martin
Googie Withers was:
Griffith Jones
Dr. Paul Martin
Griffith Jones was:
John McCallum
John McCallum was:
Margaret Rutherford
Nurse Carey
Margaret Rutherford was:
David Tomlinson
David Tomlinson was:
Yvonne Owen
Yvonne Owen was:
Sonia Holm
Sonia Holm was:
Brian Oulton
Brian Oulton was:
Zena Marshall
Zena Marshall was:
Lyn Evans
Inn Landlord
Lyn Evans was:
Joan Ingram
Joan Ingram was:
Stringer Davis
Museum Attendant
Stringer Davis was:
Hal Osmond
Railway Carman
Hal Osmond was:
Maurice Denham
Cockle Vendor
Maurice Denham was:
Gerald Campion
Lift Boy (uncredited)
Gerald Campion was:
Howard Douglas
Fisherman (uncredited)
Howard Douglas was:
Tonie MacMillan
Nigel's Landlady (uncredited)
Tonie MacMillan was:
Charles Paton
On the Kiosk (uncredited)
Charles Paton was:
Philip Ray
Fisherman (uncredited)
Philip Ray was:
Charles Rolfe
On the Kiosk (uncredited)
Charles Rolfe was:
Frank Webster
Service Man (uncredited)
Frank Webster was:
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