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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Screaming Tiger

The Screaming Tiger

Release Date: 1973-01-01 (48 years ago)
Jimmy Wang Yu
Ma Tai Yung
Jimmy Wang Yu was:
Liu Ping
Korean Hero (Black Hat)
Liu Ping was:
Shan Mao
Japanese with daggers
Shan Mao was:
Cheng Fu-Hung
Sumo wrestler
Cheng Fu-Hung was:
Lung Fei
Ying Wu
Lung Fei was:
Ko Hsiao Pao
Sumo wrestler
Ko Hsiao Pao was:
Ma Chi
Noble Senior Samurai
Ma Chi was:
Chi Laan
Ying Chu's sister
Chi Laan was:
Hong Hoi
noble young samurai
Hong Hoi was:
Wong Fei-Lung
falls from cliff w. riksha
Wong Fei-Lung was:
Chen Chin-Hai
Japanese thug
Chen Chin-Hai was:
Yeh Fei-Yang
Japanese thug
Yeh Fei-Yang was:
Wong Hoi
Japanese thug
Wong Hoi was:
Kwan Hung
Japanese thug
Kwan Hung was:
Wang Tai-Lang
Japanese thug
Wang Tai-Lang was:
Hau Pak-Wai
Japanese thug
Hau Pak-Wai was:
Chow Jun
Japanese thug
Chow Jun was:
Li Tsui
Noodle maker
Li Tsui was:
Siu Man-Hung
Japanese thug
Siu Man-Hung was:
Han Lin
Kendo fighter
Han Lin was:
Liang Shang-Kuan
Sumo referee
Liang Shang-Kuan was:
Chang I-Fei
Sumo wrestler
Chang I-Fei was:
Yang Kuei Yu
Sumo wrestler
Yang Kuei Yu was:
Wei Chao-Rui
Pick Pocket girl
Wei Chao-Rui was:
Wu Tong-Chiao
Judo fighter
Wu Tong-Chiao was:
Lui Ming
Ma's father
Lui Ming was:
Hung Chin-Lien
Ma's sister
Hung Chin-Lien was:
Ku Chun
Chinese wanderer with flute
Ku Chun was:
Pin Lo
Japanese thug
Pin Lo was:
Huang Fei-Long
Japanese thug
Huang Fei-Long was:
Tsai Hung
Japanese thug
Tsai Hung was:
Kang Kai
Kendo master's son
Kang Kai was:
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