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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Perry Mason: The Case of the Murdered Madam

Perry Mason: The Case of the Murdered Madam

Release Date: 1987-10-04 (34 years ago)
Portrait of Raymond BurrRaymond Burr
Perry Mason
Raymond Burr was:
Portrait of Barbara HaleBarbara Hale
Della Street
Barbara Hale was:
Portrait of William KattWilliam Katt
Paul Drake Jr.
William Katt was:
Portrait of Daphne AshbrookDaphne Ashbrook
Amanda Bonner
Daphne Ashbrook was:
Portrait of John Rhys-DaviesJohn Rhys-Davies
Edward Tremaine
John Rhys-Davies was:
Portrait of Ann JillianAnn Jillian
Ann Jillian was:
Portrait of David Ogden StiersDavid Ogden Stiers
D.A. Michael Reston
David Ogden Stiers was:
Portrait of Wendelin HarstonWendelin Harston
Helen Robinson
Wendelin Harston was:
Portrait of Vincent BaggettaVincent Baggetta
Vincent Baggetta was:
Portrait of Jason BernardJason Bernard
Jason Bernard was:
Portrait of Anthony GearyAnthony Geary
Anthony Geary was:
Portrait of Bill MacyBill Macy
Bill Macy was:
Portrait of James NobleJames Noble
James Noble was:
Portrait of Kim Johnston UlrichKim Johnston Ulrich
Kim Johnston Ulrich was:
Portrait of Jamie HortonJamie Horton
Frank Sims
Jamie Horton was:
Portrait of Richard PortnowRichard Portnow
Harry Long
Richard Portnow was:
Portrait of Mike MoroffMike Moroff
Mike Moroff was:
Portrait of John NanceJohn Nance
Judge Prescott
John Nance was:
Portrait of Michael K. OsbornMichael K. Osborn
Sy Hammond
Michael K. Osborn was:
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