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Poster of Carrie


Release Date: 1976-11-03 (45 years ago)
Portrait of Sissy SpacekSissy Spacek
Carrie White
Sissy Spacek was:
Portrait of Piper LauriePiper Laurie
Margaret White
Piper Laurie was:
Portrait of Amy IrvingAmy Irving
Sue Snell
Amy Irving was:
Portrait of William KattWilliam Katt
Tommy Ross
William Katt was:
Portrait of John TravoltaJohn Travolta
Billy Nolan
John Travolta was:
Portrait of Nancy AllenNancy Allen
Christine Hargenson
Nancy Allen was:
Portrait of Betty BuckleyBetty Buckley
Miss Collins
Betty Buckley was:
Portrait of P.J. SolesP.J. Soles
Norma Watson
P.J. Soles was:
Portrait of Priscilla PointerPriscilla Pointer
Mrs. Snell
Priscilla Pointer was:
Portrait of Sydney LassickSydney Lassick
Mr. Fromm
Sydney Lassick was:
Portrait of Stefan GieraschStefan Gierasch
Principal Morton
Stefan Gierasch was:
Portrait of Michael TalbottMichael Talbott
Michael Talbott was:
Portrait of Doug CoxDoug Cox
The Beak
Doug Cox was:
Portrait of Harry GoldHarry Gold
George Dawson
Harry Gold was:
Portrait of Noelle NorthNoelle North
Frieda Jason
Noelle North was:
Portrait of Cindy DalyCindy Daly
Cora Wilson
Cindy Daly was:
Portrait of Deirdre BerthrongDeirdre Berthrong
Rhonda Wilson
Deirdre Berthrong was:
Portrait of Anson DownesAnson Downes
Ernest Peterson
Anson Downes was:
Portrait of Rory StevensRory Stevens
Rory Stevens was:
Portrait of Edie McClurgEdie McClurg
Helen Shyres
Edie McClurg was:
Portrait of Cameron De PalmaCameron De Palma
Bobby Erbeter, the Boy on the Bike
Cameron De Palma was:
Portrait of Sharon BensonSharon Benson
Ruth Gogan (uncredited)
Sharon Benson was:
Portrait of Terry BoloTerry Bolo
Trudy Bourne (uncredited)
Terry Bolo was:
Portrait of Jean GlaudéJean Glaudé
Afro Guy (uncredited)
Jean Glaudé was:
Portrait of Katie IrvingKatie Irving
Katie O'Shea / The Balladeer (uncredited)
Katie Irving was:
Portrait of Cynthia Schuler LarsenCynthia Schuler Larsen
Alice Litten (uncredited)
Cynthia Schuler Larsen was:
Portrait of Dan ProtheroeDan Protheroe
Bassist - Vance or Towers (prom band) (uncredited)
Dan Protheroe was:
Portrait of James SaadJames Saad
Drummer & Percussionist - Vance or Towers (prom band) (uncredited)
James Saad was:
Portrait of Janie SquireJanie Squire
Julia McDermitt (uncredited)
Janie Squire was:
Portrait of Mike TowersMike Towers
Vance or Towers
Mike Towers was:
Portrait of Glen VanceGlen Vance
Vance or Towers
Glen Vance was:
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