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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

WWE Elimination Chamber 2014

WWE Elimination Chamber 2014

Release Date: 2014-02-23 (7 years ago)
Randy Orton
Randy Orton was:
Bryan Danielson
Daniel Bryan
Bryan Danielson was:
John Cena
John Cena was:
Claudio Castagnoli
Claudio Castagnoli was:
William Jason Reso
William Jason Reso was:
Stephen Farrelly
Stephen Farrelly was:
Windham Lawrence Rotunda
Bray Wyatt
Windham Lawrence Rotunda was:
Jon Huber
Luke Harper
Jon Huber was:
Joseph Ruud
Erick Rowan
Joseph Ruud was:
Leati Joseph Anoa'i
Roman Reigns
Leati Joseph Anoa'i was:
Jonathan Good
Dean Ambrose
Jonathan Good was:
Colby Lopez
Seth Rollins
Colby Lopez was:
Dave Bautista
Dave Bautista was:
Alberto Rodriguez
Alberto Del Rio
Alberto Rodriguez was:
Jacob Hager Jr.
Jack Swagger
Jacob Hager Jr. was:
Ettore Ewen
Big E
Ettore Ewen was:
April Jeanette Brooks
AJ Lee
April Jeanette Brooks was:
Ariane Andrew
Ariane Andrew was:
Thaddeus Bullard
Titus O'Neil
Thaddeus Bullard was:
Frederick Rosser
Darren Young
Frederick Rosser was:
Jonathan Fatu Jr.
Jimmy Uso
Jonathan Fatu Jr. was:
Joshua Fatu
Jey Uso
Joshua Fatu was:
Brian James
Road Dogg
Brian James was:
Monty Sopp
Billy Gunn
Monty Sopp was:
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