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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Glenn Miller Story

The Glenn Miller Story

Release Date: 1954-01-04 (67 years ago)
James Stewart
Glenn Miller
James Stewart was:
June Allyson
Helen Burger Miller
June Allyson was:
Harry Morgan
Chummy MacGregor
Harry Morgan was:
Charles Drake
Don Haynes
Charles Drake was:
George Tobias
Si Schribman
George Tobias was:
Barton MacLane
General Arnold
Barton MacLane was:
Sig Ruman
W. Kranz
Sig Ruman was:
Irving Bacon
Mr. Miller
Irving Bacon was:
Kathleen Lockhart
Mrs. Miller
Kathleen Lockhart was:
Kevin Corcoran
Steve Miller
Kevin Corcoran was:
James Bell
Mr. Burger
James Bell was:
Katherine Warren
Mrs. Burger
Katherine Warren was:
Marion Ross
Polly Haynes
Marion Ross was:
Frances Langford
Frances Langford
Frances Langford was:
Louis Armstrong
Louis Armstrong
Louis Armstrong was:
Gene Krupa
Gene Krupa
Gene Krupa was:
Ben Pollack
Ben Pollack
Ben Pollack was:
Barney Bigard
Barney Bigard
Barney Bigard was:
Cozy Cole
Cozy Cole
Cozy Cole was:
William Challee
William Challee was:
Hal K. Dawson
Hal K. Dawson was:
Ken DuMain
Ken DuMain was:
Phil Garris
Phil Garris was:
Lisa Gaye
Lisa Gaye was:
Bob Hamlin
Bob Hamlin was:
Lionel Hampton
Lionel Hampton was:
Ruth Hampton
Ruth Hampton was:
Harry Harvey
Harry Harvey was:
Paula Kelly
Paula Kelly was:
Bill Lee
Bill Lee was:
Dayton Lummis
Dayton Lummis was:
Thomas Martin
Thomas Martin was:
Hans Moebus
Hans Moebus was:
Leo Mostovoy
Leo Mostovoy was:
Forbes Murray
Forbes Murray was:
Damian O'Flynn
Damian O'Flynn was:
Steve Pendleton
Steve Pendleton was:
Thurl Ravenscroft
Thurl Ravenscroft was:
Davis Roberts
Davis Roberts was:
Marion Ross
Marion Ross was:
Dick Ryan
Dick Ryan was:
Max Smith
Max Smith was:
Frank Sutton
Frank Sutton was:
Anthony Sydes
Anthony Sydes was:
Nino Tempo
Nino Tempo was:
Maxie Thrower
Maxie Thrower was:
Carl Vernell
Carl Vernell was:
Carleton Young
Carleton Young was:
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