Poster of One Chance in a Million

One Chance in a Million

Plot: Secret Service agent Jerry Blaine is hot on the trail of a gang of jewel thieves, Jerry briefly poses as a crook himself to gain the gang's confidence.
Release Date: Friday, April 1 1927
96 years ago
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Portrait of William FairbanksWilliam Fairbanks
Jerry Blaine
William Fairbanks was:
Thu, May 24 1894
Sun, Apr 01 1945
Portrait of Viora DanielViora Daniel
Ruth Torrence
Viora Daniel was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Charles K. FrenchCharles K. French
Richard Torrence
Charles K. French was:
Mon, Jan 16 1860
Sat, Aug 02 1952
Portrait of Henry HebertHenry Hebert
Robert Weston
Henry Hebert was:
Wed, Nov 12 1879
Wed, Jan 18 1956
Portrait of Eddie BordenEddie Borden
Horace Featherby
Eddie Borden was:
Tue, May 01 1888
Fri, Jul 01 1955
Portrait of Duke MartinDuke Martin
Pat Drogan
Duke Martin was:
Unknown Birthday


Portrait of Noel M. SmithNoel M. Smith
Noel M. Smith was:
Mon, May 22 1893
Tue, Sep 20 1955
Portrait of L.V. JeffersonL.V. Jefferson
Screenplay, Story
L.V. Jefferson was:
Wed, May 14 1873
Mon, Nov 30 1959