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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in



Release Date: 2010-09-03 (10 years ago)
Stephen Dorff
Johnny Marco
Stephen Dorff was:
Elle Fanning
Cleo Marco
Elle Fanning was:
Chris Pontius
Chris Pontius was:
Michelle Monaghan
Michelle Monaghan was:
Ellie Kemper
Ellie Kemper was:
Lala Sloatman
Lala Sloatman was:
Angela Lindvall
Blonde in Mercedes
Angela Lindvall was:
Erin Wasson
Party Girl #1
Erin Wasson was:
Nathalie Fay
Party Girl #3
Nathalie Fay was:
Maryna Linchuk
Vampire Model
Maryna Linchuk was:
Meghan Collision
Vampire Model
Meghan Collision was:
Jessica Miller
Vampire Model
Jessica Miller was:
Kristina Shannon
Kristina Shannon was:
Karissa Shannon
Karissa Shannon was:
Alexandra Williams
Party Girl #2
Alexandra Williams was:
John Prudhont
Chateau Patio Waiter
John Prudhont was:
Ruby Corley
Patio Girl
Ruby Corley was:
Eliza Coupe
Hotel Room Neighbor
Eliza Coupe was:
Laura Ramsey
Naked Blonde with Sailor Cap
Laura Ramsey was:
Amanda Anka
Amanda Anka was:
Laura Chiatti
Laura Chiatti was:
Giorgia Surina
Italian TV Reporter
Giorgia Surina was:
Valeria Marini
Telegatto Special Guest
Valeria Marini was:
Nathalie Love
Young Wasted Girl
Nathalie Love was:
Caitlin Keats
Chateau Lobby Guest
Caitlin Keats was:
Benicio del Toro
Benicio del Toro was:
Alden Ehrenreich
Actor at Party
Alden Ehrenreich was:
Nicole Trunfio
Brunette Bikini Beauty
Nicole Trunfio was:
C.C. Sheffield
Woman Getting Haircut
C.C. Sheffield was:
Nino Frassica
Telegatto Host
Nino Frassica was:
Simona Ventura
Telegatto Host
Simona Ventura was:
Maurizio Nichetti
Telegatto Award Recipient
Maurizio Nichetti was:
Davide Borella
Hotel Manager - Milan
Davide Borella was:
Stefano Fiorentino
Young Rich Man
Stefano Fiorentino was:
Alexander Nevsky
Russian Journalist
Alexander Nevsky was:
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