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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Bunuel and King Solomon's Table

Bunuel and King Solomon's Table

Release Date: 2001-11-09 (19 years ago)
El Gran Wyoming
Old Buñuel
El Gran Wyoming was:
Pere Arquillué
Young Buñuel
Pere Arquillué was:
Ernesto Alterio
Ernesto Alterio was:
Adrià Collado
Adrià Collado was:
Valeria Marini
Ana María de Zayas
Valeria Marini was:
Amira Casar
Amira Casar was:
Jean-Claude Carrière
David Goldman
Jean-Claude Carrière was:
Juan Luis Galiardo
Film Critic
Juan Luis Galiardo was:
Armando De Razza
Abilio Avendaño
Armando De Razza was:
Eusebio Lázaro
Eusebio Lázaro was:
Jorge Cañibano
Jorge Cañibano was:
Pablo Rivero
Pablo Rivero was:
Fernando Chinarro
Jacinto Baños
Fernando Chinarro was:
Farid Fatmi
Farid Fatmi was:
Martín Mujica
Ashaverus / Hermit
Martín Mujica was:
Juan Carlos Jiménez Marín
Buñuel Child
Juan Carlos Jiménez Marín was:
Alan Enfedaque Pérez
Dalí Child
Alan Enfedaque Pérez was:
Joan Frank Charansonnet
Old Dalí
Joan Frank Charansonnet was:
Estrella Morente
Gypsy Singer
Estrella Morente was:
Antonio Perea Rodríguez
Gypsy #1
Antonio Perea Rodríguez was:
José María Castro Romero
Gypsy #2
José María Castro Romero was:
Ramón Enrich
Ramón Enrich was:
Ian Gibbs
Archaeologist #1
Ian Gibbs was:
Ricardo Leguizamo
Archaeologist #2
Ricardo Leguizamo was:
Pedro Rebollo
Archaeologist #3
Pedro Rebollo was:
Sandra Wahlbeck
Archaeologist #4
Sandra Wahlbeck was:
Mateo Romero Carmona
Mateo Romero Carmona was:
Carolina Lapausa
Young Nun
Carolina Lapausa was:
Julián Navarro
Male Nun
Julián Navarro was:
Joel Angelino
Joel Angelino was:
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